Installation issues..on MAMP

Installed Phalcon on MAMP received installed message stating build complete, attempted to pull in tutorial project and now is not functioning..? Not sure what the issue is...I followed directions from this tut:

Did you add to your php.ini ?
did you restart your server? Apache, nginx?

I don't know where your conf.d folder is but there should be phalcon.ini

I used given script

<?php print_r(get_loaded_extensions()); ?>

phalcon extenstion is showing.

I'm using Apache 2.0 on MAMP, PHP v5.5.3, I have restarted server but keep recieving a 404 error after clicking link on first page of tut. I believe it is a .htaccess file issue but I could be wrong...

also not sure what conf.d folder you're refering too...that could also be the issue since I dont have one as far as I can tell!