For anybody who has already installed Phalcon v3 in the past, using the first method mentioned at: ... i.e. Phalcon gets installed and upgraded using the standard Debian/Ubuntu apt package manager...

What will happen once Phalcon v4 is released as the main stable version, and we then run our next apt-get upgrade ? (or perhaps unattended-upgrades runs)

  • a) will our installations be upgraded to v4 automatically?
  • b) or, will our installations stick to v3.*?

A couple of things imply to me that (a) may be what is going to happen? (but I'm only guessing, as these a common methods used by other applications to avoid auto-upgrades across major versions)...

  • The package name installed on my systems currently is php7.0-phalcon ... i.e. there's no major version number in Phalcon's package name
  • There is also no version number in the repo URL in the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/phalcon_stable.list ... deb xenial main

If it is (a)... it may cause issues for people if there are any breaking changes between v3 and v4. Many of us likely won't even immediately realise that v4 has been released, so it could catch people by surprise. Especially on production servers.

And is there anything else in general us apt users should be wary about when v4 gets released?