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Full-time Phalcon programmer wanted - $300.00 per month - Vietnamese / Filipino / Chinese

We are building a social-networking website that should have a great chance of taking down Facebook within 5 years after we open. We are changing the programming that has been completed over to Phalcon. Our Senior Programmer is very sharp and could do it IF he didnt have a fulltime regular job which keeps him very busy. He is Vietnamese and we would prefer hiring another Vietnamese so that the two of you can communicate and also so that the wages aren't that bad for your economy. We will also give you a profit-sharing partnership with us. Fulltime (40 hours per week) $300.00 U.S. dollars / parttime (20 hours per week) $150.00 U.S. dollars. contact Michael - [email protected]

you mean exactly full time $300/1 month, right? I hope a misspelled $3,000.

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+1 with @mrmsk. You will not find a guy for this pay.


With a name like Kim you probably are Korean. Koreans will not work or think THREE HUNDRED per month is ok money. But many Vietnamese / Filipinos / Chinese DO think $300.00 a month is fair money. Also, the person receives an EQUAL Profit-Sharing Partnership of at least "up to" $1 million a month when the website makes that kind of money. And actually I have had a very good programmer in China who worked for $300.00 U.S. dollars per month. Every economy is different. On Monday, April 7, 2014 10:42 AM, Ges Jérémie [email protected] wrote:

+1 with @minsooKim. You will not find a guy for this pay. — Reply to this email directly or view the complete thread on Phosphorum. Change your e-mail preferences here


ok, I am a chinese, let me tell you, $300/month is very low salary, a fresh graduates a least can get $600~700/month...

+1 with @mrmsk. You will not find a guy for this pay...good luck for u


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I am Vietnamese, Love phalcon, but now I have a stable job. If only you post to earlier jobs


with 300 , it is hard to find good programmers. Good programmers is very-very valuable.


You have found good candidate yet? you can see my information through my website is growing: , core phalconphp framework.


whoaaa...$300... maybe the guy is from the past like from 1920s

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Epic Post Ever!

This makes me laugh everytime...

  1. Its hard to ask people to register into a stanger websites.
  2. Less likely to take facebook down.. they would be miles and miles away when you finish yours..
  3. I would Prefer only 1 Networking Site.. where my friends are.. not the new one...
  4. Trust Matters :)