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Guidance on learning Phalcon

Hello all,

I am trying to learn Phalcon and I am finding it difficult. I generally pick things quick but I am struggling here.

It has much to do with the fact that the official tutorials (like invo) has missing pieces and if I download github complete source of invo it does not match with the tutorial and some portions like search does not work.

What other resources are recommended for learning?

Please advise. Thanks

edited Feb '20

Phalcon v4 has just recently been released, and as such most of the tutorials on the net are outdated at the moment.

I don't know about the versioning of INVO, but VÖKURÓ has a v4 branch on github: https://github.com/phalcon/vokuro/tree/4.0.x

EDIT: You could also stick to the v3 version of Phalcon for now, learn the framework from the abundant tutorials, then migrate to v4. But that's not the best approach imo:]

Thanks for your response Lajos. I agree and understand that it is not the best time to learn Phalcon considering a new version is out and documentation is bit behind. I will try with Vokuro tutorial as you mentioned.

Thanks a lot.


also you can scaffold your project using phalcon-dev tools it should get you there quickly


You can also check out this application. It's a simple application which will give you a very good idea how to start coding a project. https://github.com/Videles/PhalconTime

I also suggest you use v3 as @lajosbencz wrote. It is also supported by CPanel etc in case you want to deploy it. Use devtools to create a project, generate code (models, controllers etc) and see how it works.