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Phalcon intergrate with other frontend tech

I've been using phalcon for few years and I love phalcon. But one of the enhancements I'd like to have is more intergration with other frameworks, especially frontend JS/CSS frameworks, such as Vuejs and Tailwindcss. It would be good to have more examples from Phalcon dev team or probably more adapters to connect to such frameworks in future release. It would boost up the user community for sure.

edited Mar '20

yes, you can do this with node.js and angular js Upsers


you can use phalcon as cli - backend - frontend

i used it as RESTful backend with different types of fronend frameworks

for instance Vue:

i set phalcon on be accessible on https://localhost/phalcon_dir/ and set this url on a global variable on Vue

in production change the url to /phalcon_dir/ and it works ( for me at least )

you have to accommodate to each different frontend framework

and vue can be a pain sometimes when switching to cli