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Vokuro db as .sql file

Hello to everyone!

I have installed successfully Vokuro in my shared host (they support phalcon ext) and I can see the site run ok. But I'm afraid I don't have any way to run

  • vendor/bin/phinx migrate
  • vendor/bin/phinx seed:run

Is there any sql file where I can find the tables and the samples fo Vokuro?

Thank you for your time!


you can find it in /app/migrations/


Thank you very much for the prompt reply!

I'm afraid I cannot find any sql file there. At https://github.com/phalcon/vokuro there isn't any app/migrations folder. You can find only db/ folder with migrations and seed folders full of php files. I could read one by one the php files in order to create the tables but it isn't the right way since I cannot find the keys of any table.

Best regards!


sorry i misunderstood your question

this is for phalcon 4 and i never used it or looked at it before

but it looks like it needs a composer bin commands

so you might need first to try it at a local enviroment