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Set up tests

I am having trouble when I try to load a class in a phpunit test, when I run a test where I load a class: There was 1 error:

1) Tests\Unit\UnitTest::testTestCase Error: Class 'app\models\Users' not found

I have installed a fresh instance of phalcon, connected to a database with a table users, ran phalcon scaffold users, followed the test setup as described in the documentation and made a test:



namespace Tests\Unit;

class UnitTest extends AbstractUnitTest { public function testTestCase(): void { $this->assertEquals( "roman", "roman", "This will pass" );

$user = new \app\models\Users;



I am probably calling the class in a wrong way or not using the autoloader properly, I have been struggling with this for about 3 days now though and I cant figure out how this should be done, any help will be greatly appreciated.

edited Jul '20

i never used unit test but you could get Phalcon\Loader to do that for you

$loader = new \Phalcon\Loader();


$user = new Users;