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Phalcon4 hasManyToMany throw error: Not Supported

It seems Phalcon (4.1.0) does not support multiple filelds in many to many relationship. Foreign keys have been created in MySQL database. This is my code in initialize() function.

    ['id1', 'id2'],
    ['id3', 'id4'],
    ['id5', 'id6'],
    ['id1', 'id2'],
        'reusable' => true,
        'alias'    => 'parts'

It throws error: "Not supported", [internal function]: Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Manager->getRelationRecords()

edited Dec '20

i don't know why it says in documentation that it could be an array and by going through the source code its clearly not

    string|array $fields, 
    string $intermediateModel, 
    string|array $intermediateFields, 
    string|array $intermediateReferencedFields,
    string $referenceModel, 
    string|array $referencedFields, 
    array $options = null

if the relation is through an intermediate model ( which is true here ) it will check fileds and intermediateReferencedFields if either of them is an array it will throw the exception


if relation->isThrough() {
    let conditions = [];

    let intermediateModel = relation->getIntermediateModel(),
        intermediateFields = relation->getIntermediateFields();

     * Appends conditions created from the fields defined in the
     * relation
    let fields = relation->getFields();

    if unlikely typeof fields == "array" {
        throw new Exception("Not supported");

    let conditions[] = "[" . intermediateModel . "].[" . intermediateFields . "] = :APR0:",
        placeholders["APR0"] = record->readAttribute(fields);

    let joinConditions = [];

     * Create the join conditions
    let intermediateFields = relation->getIntermediateReferencedFields();

    if unlikely typeof intermediateFields == "array" {
        throw new Exception("Not supported");

    // the rest is omitted
edited Dec '20

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