Make Documentation more readable, and easy to navigate between topic

Hi Phalcon Team,

The documentation page is very long, it makes me scrolling my mouse too much. I know there is buit-in search of browser, but I don't know what to search (just want to browse for finding some useful things). I think you should break them into "Book" like Symfony's []. And in the detail page, It will be better if you make the index table (sub-topic) scrolling with page, or fixed on side like Android Developer's [] so we can jump to a section of page quickly without guessing and remember / search (Ctrl + F + typing.. not found)?

The text link's color is not "eye-catching" [ #5bc0de ], It will even more horrible when I read document in "sleepy" state. I think you should check Android Developer, it's easy to read the content, not boring documentation page.

Thank you.

edited Apr '14

Hi Tùng

Unfortunnatly we are aware that the documentations needs to be reviewed. It's in the plans to review it. But right now Zephir and phalcon 2 take a lot of time.

But thanks for your feed back, it's appreciated.

PS : If you want, there is a version of the api documentation with a sidebar for easy search :

Is 2.0 documentation available in GitHub? There's been a lot of talk about improving the documentation - making it available might inspire some people to help.