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Running Partials from dynamic content

I want to be able to have volt render a partial reference from content that is pulled fromt he database.

as an example, the string content from the database would be like this:

<h1>blah blah blah</h1> {{ partial('partials/listings') }}

I tried running volt in stand alone mode but haven't had any luck.

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So <h1>blah blah blah</h1> {{ partial('partials/listings') }} is the content that's in the db right?

The quick and dirty solution: use Volt\Compiler's compileString and then eval the result:

eval( ';?>' . $compiledString )

AFAIK it's not possible to parse a tpl string with Volt.. (that makes for a good NFR btw AFAIC).

It this content in your db trusted btw? Otherwise it might be better to write a parser for your content..

-- Edit: ok, who editted my reply? ;-)

I attempted running eval on the compiled string and I was able to render the PHP however it ends up being out of the views scope and returns errors that $this is not an object.

In this instance the code in the db is safe.

Thank you for the reply!

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Are you doing the eval inside the view/tpl itself ?

it was at the controller level, but now that I think about it I can probably run it from within the view


This is fixed here