Better tutorials

I guess there is no question about this. We need better tutorial. I started using php by watching the videos from so i took the time to ask Alex to see if he would touch up on Phalcon. I found his tutorials to be really clear from start to finish. I found it really hard to use the tutorials made so far. They are made from a perspective that everybody knows php at a really advanced level. I think if we could get him to do a really clean tutiral list, a lot more people would addapt phalcon. I for one love the idea but I am still having a hard time using it. I just did not get to that advance level yet.


I think better documentation is more important than tutorials.

Tutorials show you how to make a single feature/thing, the documentation instead explains how stuff works en how to use it.

give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

Imho tutorials gives you a fish and documentation teaches you how to fish.

The validation documentation for example explains how they work and tell you how to create your own. It also has examples on which you can rely.


i agree. i honestly dont want a tutorial to show how to make an application. but one that will show how the features work. ill spend more time to learn things and maybe dive into it once i get better at it.

@virgiltu and @waaghals If you see something missing or not explained fully the docs, just open a pull request over on the Github repo. I may not be a part of the team, but try to lend a hand whenever possible where the docs are concerned. If you feel comfortable with that, just shot me a e-mail or hit me up on Google+. I will be happy to either answer your questions or put something together and submit a pull request with the changes.

P.S To submit a pull request, you actually do not have to write or submit any code. Just making a post about an issue or concern is enough. Others can show you the way or try to get it corrected for you. That's kinda what I do.

How I personally feel about the docs? I would love to rewrite different sections of the docs, but it's not my place. For example, the section on Dependency Injection really needs some help. But, to really correct it would not only take some time (which I don't have any problems with) but I also feel like that I would be over stepping my bounds. You know what I mean? Something that big, and it is quit big, needs to be over seen by someone within the core of the project. That's how I look at it anyway. But I also feel that the docs are only as good as it's readers. If you see a problem, report it. No matter how you report it, just report it (like this thread here, for example) I don't care if it's as simple as a misspelled word or as serious as a bad code example. Reach out to someone and let them know. If you can repair it, then submit a pull request with the corrected commit. Chances are very good it will be merged in. If not, a conversation will take place explaining why and helping you understand the topic. Either way... win win

K! With that out of the way, just hit me up. I will be glad to take a look at any issues you or anyone else have and try to address them the best I can and within my bounds. :)