mongo map/reduce two collection in one

Hi all,

i have two colleciton 1: user_follower 2: users

i check user_follower with key user_id

UserFollower::find(array("user_id" => "122"));

That collection returns me which users following user with id 122. I got user_ids but i want to merge that users on Users . Is there anything like orm " $this->hasMany("id", "RobotsParts", "parts_id");""

Thanks all


I don't have any experience with NoSQL databases, so anything I say here could be wrong. (Please correct me if i'm wrong)

Because NoSQL databases don't have any structure there isn't something like a SQL join. Thus a mapping like hasMany() won't work. You'll need to manually couple the records. As far as I know Phalcon can't handle the merge for you.