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Komodo IDE - PHP Storm - Phalcon

I'm getting fed up with NetBeans and and am trying out some other IDE's. Most of my attention has been wittled down to Komodo & PHPStorm (demos). I haven't yet had a chance to use either for any kind of serious work, but so far, based on appearance and browsing through the menus, I'm prefering Komodo - it also seems a lot faster and is much more affordable to me at the moment! A dark interface is my preference which they both have, but the font size in the interface of Komodo is better for my eyes - a bit small and uncontrasting in php storm. However, I managed to set phpstorm up with phalcon dev tools for code completion etc, but searching google, these forums and komodo forums for any kind of mention of using phalcon with komodo returns zero results!

Why is that? Is this telling me that komodo is no good for working with phalcon?

I'd also be interested to hear of anyone's opinions between phpstorm and komodo. Or alternative IDEs that fit the bill. My favorite editor is Sublime, as it's perfect for my preferences, but it lacks the features of a full blown IDE.

edited Jun '14

No comments? Oh well, I updated to Netbeans 8, and wow! As if by magic, there's now a dark skin (woo yay!), and a whole host of other great new features. I can't really see now that phpstorm or komodo really do anything that netbeans 8 doesn't do just as well, and of course netbeans can do a whole lot more in terms of programming in other languages. There are a couple of features in komodo that I liked that netbeans (and phpstorm) don't have. Although I haven't searched for them in netbeans plugins yet. Once again I nearly fell for the old "if I pay for something it will be better than one that's free and open source" trick. Puts credit card back in pocket


I have not seen a better IDE than PHPEd. And, there is no better debugger than dbg.