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Which server is better to publish a Phalcon project

ENGLISH i want to publish my phalcon project, that was created on windows 7, on a server.

but i dont know if is better a windows or linux server.

and if is windows wich one is better windows server 2008 or windows server 2012.

ESPAƑOL Quiero publicar mi proyecto de Phalcon el cual cree en windows 7, en un servidor

pero no se cual sea mejor si un servidor windows o uno linux

de ser windows cual seria mejor uno con windows server 2008 o con windows server 2012

de subirlo a un servidor linux podrian surgir problemas?. De no ser asi cual servidor linux me recomiendan


Very difficult to answer this for you. It all depends on your needs and experience. If you're used to working with Windows Server and don't need anything Linux specific than just use Windows. Same goes for the other way around.

If you don't a lot of experience in setting up servers I suggest a debian based Linux distro. (Ubuntu, Debian) These have plent of articles and support on the internet on how to setup a simple webserver.

Well, as for the windows set-up I think you are asking the wrong question. It really doesn't matter what version Windows OS your running, but the version of IIS, which is windows web server. I think the the only supported versions currently is v7, v7.5 and lastly v8. Here is a nice getting started guide for IIS7.

Plain and simple though, if you have never installed, configured and maintained a server, then it will be one heck of a learning curve either way. If you do have some experience with web servers, then stick with what you are comfortable with. It can get pretty bummpy, so be patient with yourself. It also will depend on your hosting providor, too and that is a whole other talk within itself, but phalcon is supported by quite a few.

Good luck!

Just a note, been happy with DigitalOcean's documents and service. They have articles up on how to install just about anything on Linux, including Phalcon