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Volt and DevTools

I am new to Phalcon and I really want to learn it. However mostly everything i learned in PHP seems to go out the window.

Watching the Poll making video made my head spin with more questions then answers.

So here is my question.

  • If I am new should I use DevTools to generate files? Lets face it I cant even figure out what most of the curly brackets do.


Phalcon a not dialect for PHP. The code that the DevTools generate is just plain PHP. If you know PHP you can write Phalcon apps. You might find some features of the language you might not have known before. Like anonymous functions for example which might come over as strange syntax and are relatively new to PHP.

To anwser your question. Start with using the DevTools to create a project and tinker away. Most features and usage are explained in the docs. If you see something unfamiliar syntax wise, try to find the PHP docs explaining is.