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difference between 30-phalcon.ini and phalcon.ini?

I was playing around with the phalcon extension .ini files on my ubuntu 12.04 installation and see no noticeable difference when I changed 30-phalcon.ini to 20-phalcon.ini or even phalcon.ini after restarting apache. I've noticed that all of my loaded php extensions have some numerical prefix e.g. 10-mysqlnd.ini, 10-pdo.ini, & 20-curl.ini. Out of curiosity, what is the purpose of the numeric prefix on these files?

edit: Ubuntu 12.04 precise x64; php 5.5


Using a numeric prefix you can control the order in which the ini files are loaded, which are read in alphabetical order.


I wasn't able to find anything in the php docs, but the output order from php_ini_scanned_files() is alphabetical so I am accepting your answer. Many thanks!