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New Zephir realtime compiler and vim syntax highlighting support


I've just recently discovered Phalcon and Zephir. I must say, these are awesome projects! I've always postponed contributing to open source projects for lack of time but these ones have to be an exception. For me Zephir is a dream come true.

I have been playing with Zephir and I made a realtime compiler for it as I can see this speed up my workflow whilst coding. I also added syntax highlighting support for Vim.

The compiler watches your Zephir directory and automatically compiles your extension whenever you make some changes. It will also restart php-fpm. So you will be able to have realtime feedback from your compiler whenever you save your changes. If you want to test in a web browser just save your work and go to your browser. No need to compile manually.

You will find both projects on Github:

Thanks. I hope you will find any/both of these useful to you as they have been to me.

rushmorem have you submitted a pull request yet, to the superior project to see if they can work this into the core?

@unisys12 I don't think that's necessary. A Zephir JIT compiler is already in the works as demonstrated by @phalcon in this video.