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Session Issue

How to use session on a view page phalcon I want to save specific value in new session variable

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you can access session directly in your view
Just print it out

{{ session.something }}

or something like this

{% if session.userid is 1 %}
    {{ 'is 1' }}
{% else %}
    {{ 'Not 1' }}
{% endif %}


i want to save into session not using volt

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If you are using volt you are able to use service that you have define in depency container

here is some refence :

If you wan set session within view

{{ session.set("key", "value") }}

if you dont want use vold you could access DI in static way fro your view

$session = Phalcon\DI::getDefault()->getSession(); $session->set("key", "value");


Why do you need to set session value in your view?
It's probably not a good idea

I think you can just do it in your controller.


how to destroy session in a view itself

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{{ session.destroy() }} or $session->destroy();