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Phalcon 2.0


sorry for my bad english :-) i am new here and a absolutely beginner with phalcon 1.3 but i have practical knowledge in php.

i have only one question about phalcon 2.0: Have i got to learn a new programming language zephir or can i use php further?



You still can use php. WhuIile developing phalconphp the team decided to create zephir to let ppl contribute to the project (since phalcon is originally written as a c extension for php)


Phalcon 1.3 is written in C, then compiled - just like the PHP compiler is. When you write PHP code, it is interpreted/compiled by the PHP executable.

Phalcon 2.0 is written in Zephir, then compiled. You, as a PHP programmer using Phalcon, don't interact with Phalcon in it's raw, uncompiled state.


Ok thank you for your help

If you are just a user from the framework, there will be no difference from how you write your code (which will stay as it is: being in PHP). The difference is that if you are a developer who wants to write plugins or libraries to Phalcon you don't need to do this in C anymore, but Zephir, which is a language closer to PHP and thus easier to understand by its developers.