Improvement of web performance with Phalcon.

I am learning Phalcon and trying to use it professional way. Few days ago, I was googling something for my php work and phalcon and I found "HipHop Virtual Machin aka HHVM" developed by facebook. Core idea of hhvm is to convert php in to c++ (I mean it translates php to c++) so php websites work more faster and way better in performance. I know that Phalcon is affordable solution fo php framework but I had a thought that what if we can make it more better? First thing about php that I don't like is that php eats your RAM. I am learning everything like php, c and c++ and all. I'd love to contribute as much as I can but as I said, I am still learning. This is just and idea that can we make phalcon that helps php to use less RAM and perform more faster?

HHVM removed php interpreter and it converts php to machine language. What about phalcon? Can we do something with phalcon that can work beyond HHVM with less memory?

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I don't know if you've looked at benchmarks but Phalcon generally has a smaller memory footprint anyway, the speed difference betweeen HHVM and Phalcon are negligible (see ).

PHP 7 (AKA PHPNG) is also actively being developed and has been proven to be up to 100% faster