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Have PhalconPHP accepts params as $_GET key/value pairs


I would like Phalcon to pass parameters in the URL as GET values, e.g:


would trigger the indexAction funciton in the TestsController.php, and pass: name => dew id => 29

as get values. Is this possible?

I am migrating to Phalcon from Yii, where this was standard, which is why I need it. I tried figuring it out with the Routers documentation, but could'nt figure it out.

Thanks for your help! Alex

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Hi Alex,

You can access those values in the controller in two ways:

Using the default way: http://localhost/www/phalconproject/tests/index/dew/28

public function indexAction($name, $id)
    echo $name;
    echo $id;


Using the request parameter : http://localhost/www/phalconproject/tests/?name=dew&id=29

public function indexAction()
    //Make sure to apply filters accordingly
    $name = $this->request->getQuery("name");
    $id = $this->request->getQuery("id");

More info here:

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Thanks Dan!

That would indeed work, but the problem with solution 1 is, that you have to pass the params in the precise order. The clients that consume the API, do not neccesarily put these in the same orders.

Solution 2 would tackle that, but then all those clients consuming the API would need to be rewritten, they would have to use instead of:



...which is why I am looking for a way to have Phalcon deal with not have to force all those client changes. I appreciate your help though, hope that there is an easy 'hack' / workaround to accomplish this.

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Wait, I found the solution, thanks to the link Dan provided:

public function showAction()
        $year = $this->dispatcher->getParam('year');
        $postTitle = $this->dispatcher->getParam('postTitle');

So using the dispatcher allows you to capture the values. I am marking his answer as the accepted one, as he pointed me to the solution.


Actually I cheered too early.

It looks like one needs to hack into the Phalcon\Mvc\Dispatcher exactly how it is described here:

As I am a total newbie, where does this code go? In my custom BaseController that extends Phalcon\Mvc\Controller?

Thanks for anyone's help. Alex