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Best ways to reuse same instance of model in Phalcon

I have to call some methods of my model several times in many controller's methods. At this moment, I am doing something like this:

$songs = (new Media)->getSongs($arguments);

I wonder is it a good idea to reuse the Media instance instead of create new in each method? (those methods work together in a single request)

I see some code base is using "Lazy Load Pattern" here:

public static function model()
    static $instance = null;
    if (null === $instance) {
        $instance = new static();
    return $instance;

So we can do this everywhere:

$songs = Media::model()->getSongs($arguments);

Is it a good idea to use this pattern here? Or is there any better ways to handle this case?

Thank you.

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You can add this static method to your model class

public static function getSongs($arguments)
    // process......
    return $songs;

and use it like:

$songs = Media::getSongs($arguments);
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I'm using modelsManager to get data from DB, below code contains in the getSongs():

$manager = $this->getModelsManager();
$builder = $manager->createBuilder();

So I cannot change the method to static. Is there any ways to work around this case?

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there is different ways to do :


$di = DI::getDefault();
$manager = $di->get('modelsManager');

in a static class as proposed by @a6oozar

or use the already static functions in your model : find , findFirst and query which will provide quite everything you want (which i think is the best way.

so your getSongs method will look as something like

public static function getSongs($arguments)
  return self::query()

@ogarbe: find() and findFirst() don't support join so I cannot use them, then I accidentally skipped query() part in the doc. Thanks for your answer, now I could refactor all of the code in models without using Lazy Load.