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What is Paas Framework in real sense and what does it need to have it running on Phalcon framework

What is the Logic behind Paas Framework and the best way to describe it


PaaS are suppose to be used for developer, they don't have to set up and configure language and runtime. Let say deploying apps is easier with PaaS.

There is several PaaS that support phalcon framework such as openshift

Thank you for a reply. So I can develop a PaaS/SaaS platform using Phalcon framework right? Do I have to use other tools alongside Phalcon?


It depend what kind of PaaS do you want to create?

Just for your information PaaS and SaaS is different concept. PaaS (heroku, openshift, pagodabox, appfog, cloudfoundry) is for for devops or developer whereas SaaS (gmail, google apps, zoho crm) is for end user client.