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About changes in phalcon 1.3.x sources

Hi, i try add new function, but don't understand, why it working on macos, but on ubuntu it calls segmentation fault?

router.c (and added declaration in header):

PHP_METHOD(Phalcon_Mvc_Router, getPrefix) {
    zval *route, *router_prefix = NULL;
    PHALCON_CALL_METHOD(&route, this_ptr, "getmatchedroute");
    PHALCON_CALL_METHOD(&router_prefix, route, "getprefix");

Thanx for any help.

What is your php version on both OSs?

Zephir has some kind of error with PHP < 5.6 on all linux distroes


I don't use Zephir, it's changes on C in phalcon 1.3.2 php 5.5.22 on both Oss.