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Dispatcher getParams() ignores blank value

regarding documentation I've added parameter handler to my dispatcher for hanling URLs like this: https://example.com/controller/key1/value1/key2/value

but when a key has a blnak value dispatcher->getParams() give invalid answer! see example:

URL: https://example.com/controller/action/key1/value1/key2//key3/value3 // <- key2 has blank value
// expected [ key1:value1, key2:null, key3:value3 ]
// returns  [ key1:value1, key2:key3 ]    <- why bypassed blank value!!!
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Sorry, but i understand if you send parameters through dispatcher you must do it this way

//action controller.php
public function indexAction()
        "action" => "other",
        "params" => array("one" => 1, "two" => 2)

public function otherAction()
    $paramOne = $this->dispatcher->getParam("one");

When you get from url use $this->request->getQuery or getGet().

Thanks, but this is not my question. I know the differences between $this->request->getQuery() & $this->request->getPost() & $this->request->get() and $this->dispatcher->getParam()

my question is why /key1/value1/key2//key3/value3 ignored by dispatcher. (please attention to RED part)

What is the key2 value from the url?

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Ok well, in the url phalcon not take key and value, php https://myurl/controller/action/value1/value2/value3/value4, so if you put two slashes php // phalcon take that as just one slashes / the best way to get

public function theactionAction($key1, $key2, $key3, $key4)
    var_dump($key1, $key2, $key3, $key4);

//This print : string(10) "value1" string(8) "value2" string(4) "value3" string(5) "value4"

So, if you send: https://myurl/controller/action/value1/value2//value3/value4, will do the same... For this reason phalcon not take your url.

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Thanks @julianmolina but this solution theactionAction($key1, $key2, $key3, $key4) requires a custom route.

In fact I'm looking for a global solution that is not custom route dependent.

Phalcon reduces double slashes to single slashes.

A key/value relationship like what you have in your URL is different than how Phalcon handles routes by default - I'm almost positive this isn't a bug. I think your best bet is to not have a blank value, but instead have a value that can be interpreted as blank, like a dash, or colon or something. Failing that, what if you put your key/value pairs in GET variables? This is what they're supposed to be used for.