PHQL what wrong with it

SELECT AS id, AS MsgId, d.MsgType AS MsgType ,d.FromUserName AS FromUserName,d.ToUserName AS ToUserName,c.Reply AS Reply ,c.ReplyMsgId AS ReplyMsgId FROM Message c LEFT JOIN Textmessage d ON WHERE = $id LIMIT 1

above is my phql ,but debug.log display the SQL:[INFO] SELECT AS id, AS MsgId, d.MsgType AS MsgType, d.FromUserName AS FromUserName, d.ToUserName AS ToUserName, c.Reply AS Reply, c.ReplyMsgId AS ReplyMsgId FROM message AS c LEFT JOIN textmessage AS d ON = c.MsgId WHERE id = 2 LIMIT 1

notice: where id ,that need not id, is it bug ?


my phalcon version is 1.5


you write AS id, so i think in where clause is used alias for Do you get some error from database?

PS: Where can i find something about phalcon 1.5 :)