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Put parameters ?

When i do $this->request->getPut i got parameters like this:

array(1) { ["{"firstName":"asdasd"}"]=> string(0) "" }

im using angular like this : User.update({id:$scope.user.id}, {firstName:$scope.user.firstName}); User is $resource from ngResource

I dealt with function like this : json_decode(key($params),true) pretty weird. Fix it please :P

Also getPut() return email with underscore instead of dot.

hi Guys,

You can print $_REQUEST . I think that you can wrong at anguar when you put to server.

You can change $scope.user.id = Contants & $scope.user.firstName for test again.

Hi I have the same issue, when send parameter from AngularJS to server and read it from "php://input", it is empty. When use "$app-request->getPut()", the key is the data sent by AngularJS but without spaces (replaced with underscore) and without value.

When print $_REQUEST it show only the key "_url"

Just use request->getJsonRawBody(true)