Phalcon and Oracle Database

Hello, I have this system: CentOS 6.7, PHP5.6 (from remi repository), Phalcon extension installed, oci8 installed. But when I ran a Phalcon website, I got the error: "could not find driver". I think the cause was pdo-oci was not installed. But this package is outdated and not maintaned any more. And honestly, I can not get pdo-oci running on my server.

Can someone please help me how to get Phalcon works with Oracle DB in my system.?

Thank you in advance!


I had the same problem in my debian, linux if you set the following Lienas that tells you there and in the folders of models, views and controllers assign it all the permissions (chmod 777). Phalcon driver in the php.ini must be the PDO_OCI before the Phalcon, Phalcon not using OCI8 but using PDO_OCI

Hi Jeiel, Thank you for your answer. According to that, I will have to install pdo_oci any way. I can't find an easy way to do that, no yum install pdo-oci is available. Also, there is not any easy to compile and up to date source code. I tried this link but failed at "include folder". I think i will spend some more time on that tutorial, and I also hope that a future version of Phalcon will support Oracle DB with out the out of date pdo-oci


If I wanted to start this a few months ago but only you spent about 4 hours wing week, but after seeing the speed of Phalcon, which works just like the speed of Oracle I have no doubt they chose the best option, now I have a couple of problems with the model but gradually I fix

Hi Jeiel,

Can I ask one more question?

What is your OS? Do you have pdo-oci installed on that system? If yes, how did you install it?

Thank you for your time!


Hello my current operating system is Linux 17.1 mint although I have previously installed CentOS 6, but debian packages are more manageable so I change, but I have installed oracle Pohalcon and I'm working more or less'm also starting with Phalcon