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Add function to Volt


i want to add a funtion to Volt, i am using vokuro. Here is the compiler

$compiler->addFunction('authUserById', function ($resolvedArgs) {return '!empty($this->session->auth-identity)';});

And that is the function to add:

public function authUserById($id)
    $user = Users::findFirstById($id);
    if ($user == false) {
        throw new Exception('The user does not exist');


    $this->session->set('auth-identity', array(
        'id' => $user->id,
        'name' => $user->name,
        'profile' => $user->profile->name

i only need the ID from the logged client, thank you in advance.




Find another way:

This in volt:

{{ loggedUser.id }}

This in indexAction:

    public function indexAction(){