I want to do my thesis Phalcon. And now after having done a login I hear there's ACLs to give permissions. and before continuing to do all over again. That no more should take a good way to learn There are many interesting topics like phql Phalcon orm or do not understand they are but if someone could tell me what topics should learn or order for it

In summary. What should you put in a system and why?

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Well if you gonna have multiple roles then acl is must have cuz you can implement checking priveleges on dispatcher. Well phql is not necessary, im using modelsManager for complex querys with joins, its pretty enough and find/findFirst when im not using joins. Pretty much phql is used in them.

Also learn beanstalkd, queue, cron and cli tasks, its pretty strong thing, for example for sending emails and some other stuff that you could do not in request time.

Just learn whole documentation, check vokuro and other sample projects and you ready to go. Phalcon is pretty easy and have nice documentation compared to symfony or laravel.


Could you help me define Orm the way it works ?. "FindFirst" or "FindFirstBY" or work because I am using Oracle as my base datos.entonces you think I should learn cake. ¿Beanstalkd it is ?. Is it well written? Ok ACL proceed to learn something else you recommend I learn after

Beanstalkd is just queue implementation, there is nothing to learn, just how to put/retrieve jobs from it, and thaths it.

Use whatever you want, im using only findFirst cuz i dont like those magic methods findFirstBy.


findFirst() used for retrieving data depending on the order you want to return. findFirstBy() used for retrieving data using object property.

For example, you have a model of a Robot with a property of 'type'. You can use findFirstByType(), this will return the first robot in ascending alphabetically using property of 'type'


when you use Oracle, this method only returns an empty row

You can type order/conditions etc in findFirst method too. Also this all BySomething are magic methods which i personally dont like.


Yes, you can pass array parameters to the model (order,condition,column, etc..). I guess each person has it own preferences. findFirstBySomething is really convenient for me. Thank you for your reaction.


Find FindFirst If it works normally but returns no data or FindFirst more than an empty row in oracle that happens, if it works with MySQL and Postgres, but ami not suit me because I use Oracle