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Partial render into a variable

Hello, I'm trying to rewrite existing web with phalcon, with major ups and minor downs so far :) But there is one thing I am not able to do so far, any tries were unsuccessfull. I need in a class (in folder libraries), that gets used in phalcon controller, to use a partial renderer. In basic, im replacing BBCODE tags with their HTML representation and I do not know where in the resulting HTML the partial code will appear, so I need to render the partial into a variable and put this variable into final template. I'd like to see a minimalistic code that is needed to achive that. So far I tried (highly reduced and pseudocoded just to show the main idea) :

class TopicController extends Phalcon\Mvc\Controller

    public function indexAction()
         $final_html = BBClass::parse($bbcode_to_be_parsed);

class BBClass.php
  public function parse($bbcode)
        if (has_tag($bbcode, '[table]'))
        $viewnew = new Phalcon\Mvc\View();
        $viewnew->setViewsDir(__DIR__ . '/../views/');
        $viewnew->partial("shared/bb/table", array('some_content' => $some_content));
        $bbcode_table = $viewnew->getContent();

        //$bbcode_table is empty, no parsing occured :(

        // or, i tried this
        $this->view = $di->get('view');
        echo $this->view->partial("shared/bb/table", array('some_content' => $some_content));
        //only the partial template is shown in the browser, but not the main template and rest of the HTML


there are both shared/bb/table.phtml and shared/bb/table.volt templates, in the second case, the volt template is used, as I'm using volt as main template engine in the whole app, but obviously, I'm doing it wrong. I even tried the getRender method mentioned here


but no luck, I still get either the partial code only (and not the whole page plus partial) or whole page only and empty partial :(

Can you please help me with this ?

thank you !! I had to create new view object and then it worked as expected :

            $viewnew = new Phalcon\Mvc\View();
            $viewnew->setViewsDir(__DIR__ . '/../views/');

            $bbcode_table = $viewnew->getRender('shared/bb', 'table', array('some_content' => $some_content));
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Hello, I have a similar problem but I wold like to call also the action that prepares all parameters for rendering the view. For example in the page Using Views this example is given:

$view = new \Phalcon\Mvc\View();

//A trailing directory separator is required

// Passing variables to the views, these will be created as local variables
$view->setVar("someProducts", $products);
$view->setVar("someFeatureEnabled", true);

//Start the output buffering

//Render all the view hierarchy related to the view products/list.phtml
$view->render("products", "list");

//Finish the output buffering

echo $view->getContent();

but instead of

$view->setVar("someProducts", $products);
$view->setVar("someFeatureEnabled", true);

I want

$controller = new Products();

What is the best way to achieve this ? Many thanks.


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Maybe the answer to your question is here, take a look: https://docs.phalcon.io/es/latest/reference/dispatching.html

you can render a partial into a variable with $view->getPartial(<partial_path>); in controller (most likely needed in ajax) you can write $this->view->getPartial(<partial_path>);

This is my solution.

foreach ($data['accounts'] as $account) {
    $this->view->partial('widget/each-account-stats-row', [
        'account' => $account,
        'otherParameter'  => $otherValue,
$myVariable = ob_get_clean(); // it gets all output (rendered partials) from ob_start()