How to configure web tools on windows Phalcon 2.10?

How to configure web tools on windows Phalcon 2.10? Hi I have a command errror to ejectuar Phalcon enable webtools

Warning: copy("C:\phalcon-devtools-master\\"/webtools.php): failed to open stream: Invalid argument in C:\phalcon-devtools-master\scripts\Phalcon\Web\Tools.php on line 399

Success: Webtools successfully enabled!


Hello, I have the same problem, there is anyone who find the solution. Thank you!!

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Hello,Im also having the same issue..Anyone ??


Yes, I've some problem.

Hello, I had the same problem. After removing the quotation marks in the path for PTOOLSPATH in phalcon-devtools\phalcon.bat it worked.

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I had problem

line 399

How to edit?


i dunno if its still an issue but i just downloaded the latest update (3.0.1) and the issue came up

i fixed by editing phalcon.bat

just remove the double quotes from the PTOOLSPATH variable


set PTOOLSPATH="%~dp0\"


set PTOOLSPATH=%~dp0\