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Provide a good example business application


I would like to request the Phalcon developers to build a high quality business application showcasing important features like (a representative list, feel free to modfiy or improve):

  • Related records - fetching & update
  • Showing related records in a single page or/and in multiple tabs
  • Using bootstrap tabs to show large table data, i.e. showing large table data in multiple pages/tabs
  • Using forms & multiple forms on a page
  • Using partials
  • Showing a menu in, say a sidebar, fetched from database depending on user permissions, i.e. customized menu for each user depending on his/her rights
  • Using conditional debugging code
  • User management, rights, groups & roles with screen or field level granularity

The Poll, Invo, Vokuro, Album O'Rama & most of the other apps are too basic & old. The Invo app with tabs doesn't even showcase how to use tabs and update data. All data is hard coded in the example. I hope the Phalcon team has a vision that it must be propagated and used by a large number of developers. In the absence of good tutorials and videos its essential that we provide a good detailed code example. Even StackOverflow has said that documentation must have lots of code examples. I hope you all can understand the urgent need to do this.

I read a post a month or two back where somebody provided a solution to a two-three month old issue but the developer replied saying he had moved out of Phalcon to another framework because he couldn't get enough help. Developers with PHP & MVC background might be comfortable with Phalcon but there are so many developers who are coming from older technologies to PHP & JS.

It shouldn't be too difficult for you experts. Probably a week's effort for you. But it will help hundreds of people. Instead of just coding, coding & bringing out a new version of Phalcon if you put in a fraction of that effort to prepare a good quality real world example showcasing all major features that an application requires, it will go a long way in helping Phalcon. What is the use of all this progress if there are few people who want to use it and very few new ones who come and stay along. I would really like to see some humbleness from Phalcon team and see them actually create the example(s) than defend themselves and deride the need for them.

Thanks Amal

This forum is written in Phalcon and it has almost all the features you are asking: https://github.com/phalcon/forum

User management, rights, groups & roles with screen or field level granularity: https://github.com/phalcon/vokuro


As the Andy said that you can take look at, but aslo you can review a application Q&A site at https://github.com/phanbook/phanbook


@Andy I checked most of those applications and downloaded Phosphorum two weeks back but am unable to set it up. I raised an issue but nobody has answered https://forum.phalcon.io/discussion/12203/issues-installing-phosphorum-on-wamp-server-on-windows That is what happens often, developers don't get answers to their queries. Even after getting that to work its going to be a long struggle as their are no inline comments nor any other type of documentation for this or any other project. I am not afraid of the struggle or hard work but at least some guide posts on how the code is organized would help.

Secondly, reiterating again, now that Phalcon code is stable you can spend some time to make a small truly business app showcasing maximum code reuse and OOP. New versions will never stop, nor will deadlines cease. Its time to help developers use Phalcon and not focus only on new versions. Take a break and do that. If you can prepare an Invoice, Order Entry/Processing, Payroll app or anything else it would help a lot. Think deeply about it. Instead of working so hard on creating new versions of Phalcon, spend some time creating good examples and see how Phalcon's usage improves. Create at least ONE more app. Forum is not a general app. Its working is entirely different. I do understand that we can study the Phosphorum code and get some understanding.

Also, you can Create a class library (layer) on top of Phalcon like MFC in C++ which can help developers build applications fast. You must improve Developer Tools (they generate too much code) and create a Form Builder. I understand this a different topic altogether.

Thanks @Thien. I will download that app. I also found some good code examples on your portal https://phalcontip.com. Asked a question there but didn't get any answers. Looks like people are short of time to reply back or are too busy earning their bread. All the more reason for Phalcon team to create a comprehensive app on how to optimally code with Phalcon.

If you don't share your knowledge people will choose other frameworks and will probably never come back.

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Hey guys.. this has been an ongoing item I have discovered over time.. between the docs and the example apps you have to study them because they were written in different manners... Unlike say Laravel's docs that say "Do this.. be Artisan and move on"... Phalcon has so many ways you can use it but some people getting into it for the first time do not know "the best use case" and the "proper way" that would make coding unified among developers.

I literally have to explain to cowokers that Phalcon has every single feature you find in any other framework if not more and does it 10 times faster.... "oh it does?" is their response.

Sometimes the people not familiar with it day in and day out need some hand holding and most of .. direction!

AMAL, you have pointed this out, but the response I have been given before is we as a community can work to do that and leave the main coding team making this thing kick ass.

Edit: I feel the developers of the project are brilliant to the point where it is hard for some of us noobs to keep up!! :)


@Trent I don't think the community has shown the willingness to share a high quality application. Some of them might have developed it but haven't shared anything worthwhile till date. It is imperative that the Phalcon team focuses on it. They are the best experts to create one. I can repeat my words but I hope some people in the Phalcon team see positive in doing this more than getting a new Phalcon version out. What is the use of new versions when people struggle to use them.

Thanks @dschissler for sharing that link. Read the instructions. It looks good but I think I will need months to understand Webird. I am still struggling with Phalcon. Are there any sample applications developed with Webird.

Correct, there is a learning curve simply on trying to sort through the docs. I find the GITHUB MVC examples and the github repository for this site examples of current use. I just pick and choose the way I want to set it up. However everytime I try to get someone into Phalcon, they go back to different frameworks because the docs are straight forward.. do this, get this result move on.

Had an example today setting up cache for volt. We couldn't quite get it with what was on the docs, but there was forum post that had a quick and easy answer. :)

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As the @Amal said we have developnent a lot of ptoject Phalcon for Big Ecommerce, we can not publish it but we can commit Phalcon work very well for that :)

You can take a jobs at upwork it is big projects

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