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When do you upgrade this forum?

This forum is very hard to use.

Do you plan to add at least some tinymce support or at least some standard forum tags support like [code][/code] etc.

I really don't get it. It's only a one line of legend under the textarea and a couple of lines with regex stuff.

Why you do not support that?

Even I could do such content parsing.

Please, exaplain. Thank you.

See :

"You can share code by typing 3 backticks ` followed by a syntax highlighter such as (php, js, phql, sql, javascript, css, bash, sh) and ending again with other 3 backticks"

oh code

search would be nice, or just link out to google search or something


@Webdesign29 I now that already, look at my previous posts. However, this forum is so hard to navigate. I am surprissed that you don't see it. Have you ever heard about breadcrumbs?


This forum is a joke ;(


If I have created something like that for my client, he would throw it out of the window immediately. Is there even a regular admin area;D?

I agree there is room for improvement, tinyMCE and bbcode is very far down on the list of things this forum needs. About throwing "incomplete" things away, well I just can't agree, and it's just you insulting the dev's who contributed time to make this rather than any other forum software. I've use Phosphorum as a base for client work and it's great.

You could at least redact a clear list of things you would like to see and describe them and maybe someone with free time will get them done.

If you feel you can't live without things, feel free to contribute :


As far as I know I am not paid by Carbon ads and other sponsors. However, Phacon team is, therefore I would liek to see some improvements in forum area too. Thanks.

This is an open source project.


It's a waste of time. Forum fulfills its tasks. I always admire the developers who create products like Phalcon. Phalcon and Zephir - is a revolutionary product in the WEB. And it will "disturb" many. So wags the world... Good Luck, Phalcon!

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