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Phalcon is looking to create an official skeleton

As per a PM I got on slack from Serghei Iakovlev, We're looking to create at least one official skeleton for Phalcon.
Laravel has a Skeleton, Symfony has a Skeleton, Zend Framework has a Skeleton, Yii has a Skeleton, etc.
Now it's Phalcon's turn. Post your contributations, suggestions, and discussion here and we can work together as a team on this.

If one no is up to it, I could take it if given a month for delivery. Won't be able to start on it for another two weeks.

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I don't think i's a good idea, Phalcon is pretty versatile and creating a single de-facto skeleton would incite people to blindly follow it.

Imho, the demo skeletons are more than adequate...

But let's suppose we are going to create one:

  • what type (micro/simple/modules)?
  • what functonalities (auth/3rd party api/db connection/etc)?
  • what front-end libraries are we using?

I would, however, be more than happy to help create a real-time,, full-stack app that utilizes VueJS 2. In my experience, people don't really understand that Phalcon is back-end only.



I agree with Lajos. Developper Tools are already here for that.

But, raher than a new skeleton, and because phalcon is as Lajos says, really versatile, a demo app based on a "simple" skeleton from phalcon developer tools wich will implement many of phalcon's features could be helpfull for beginners.

Must have:

  • db access, could be on sqlite that is shipped by default with php
  • a couple of models (saying User and Post) and CRUD actions
  • login form + authentication + ACL
  • CSRF
  • make the use of asset manager
  • make the use of event manager
  • multilingual messages
  • have an "AjaxController" that will send json response

We all know Phalcon is too cool to have a de-facto skeleton but think for a moment, if you are going to write code for an actual paid project, chances are, you don't want to spend that much time implementing auth, permissions management, and general structure.

I don't know if Phalcon is back-end only, but I use it as an MVC framework and don't doubt there are many folks doing the same.

If you start something like this, share the repo with me vía a message, I will gladly help you with such task.

My questions is which one of these would be a starting point https://github.com/phalcon/mvc vs phalcon tools create-project command?

Is there an explanation of why the create-project command builds what it builds? is that the "base" ?

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@Kevin, what you suggested is a very good idea. I have been waiting for somebody to build some sample application or a skeleton as you suggested. I don't agree that we should not build something because its a flexible framework. Developers move away from Phalcon when they don't see any clear path to build an efficient and optimal application and when they don't get much guidance. An example or skeleton is the best way to start. In addition to a skeleton we should create a small application built with that skeleton. I raised a similar question in Provide a good example business application. The features @le51 mentioned must be incorporated and as many of them possible from the above post

  • Tabs with data retrieve and update capability (a single model's data spread over multiple tabs)
  • Two-three sample models which are linked - say a Purchase Order, an Invoice, an Item/Product (with sub-products) or any other real life models must be used
  • Multi-currency support

It will help many developers and I am sure will encourage developers to use Phalcon. We must answer @Trent's query before we start - its an important point which must be clear to all of us. I think we should take DevTools as the base. I will help you with whatever knowledge I have. Let me know when you would like to start or in case you have already started.