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New Online CMS by Phalcon - Mongo DB

Hello everybody,

I just posted my new CMS Tidy Frame developed with Phalcon - Mongo DB - Bootstrap. It brings speed and simplicity together to build quickly your website. Thank you for taking a tour and giving me your opinion :)

Link : https://tidyframe.com


How about a demo without needing to register?

Maybe it's personal preference, but I dont like to give my info just to test a product. Imagine having to choose between 20 products? Or you can atleast give some more info about your product, like screenshots, short video or whatsoever...

Good job! :)


can't confirm email. 404 Can not share the sources?

edited Oct '17

Hello, Thanks Nikolay for advice, i added a new link in the home page to a demo account with administrator access : https://tidyframe.com/demo-section For sources i will share a github repository next month with docs.


edited Oct '17

Awesome ! Now make the "Try it !" button more visible.

And one more advice for future. In the demo page, add a button to go back to the website or purchase page in case you want to start selling your product or want feedback from users :)

For example, look how Envato handle their demo pages: http://preview.themeforest.net/item/ddoctors-health-and-medical-html-template/full_screen_preview/20614224


Good idea :) i will do it. Thank you again !

URL: https://tidyframe.com/add-new-frame

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