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Phalcon 1.3.2


With 1.3.x being out, we want to deploy in production the change (our production is actually in 1.2.6), but they were a blocking bug with tinyint that blocked our deployment.

The bug is now fixed in current 1.3.2 version but this version is not "released". Has we prefer to use a release version in our prod, we'd like to know when this version will be deployed.

On a global side, as more and more projects are using phalcon, the need of a roadmap is really needed, not to "force" development to be done quickly, but for having a global overview, for example :

  • are you planning to create a 1.4 version or will you jump to 2.0 ?
  • will there be a 1.3.3 ... version, or the 1.3 branch is more or less dead ?
  • if we have a major issue in 1.3.x, what are the plan on bugfixes ? what are the plans after 2.0.x is out ?
  • what is the roadmap for 2.0 ?

I undertand very well this project is done freely and really like to help, but as the technical leader for my company, i need to have an overview on what is the future of Phalcon.

Thanks in advance




Good question.

I also want to know the answer.



Answers to your questions:

1.3.2 will be out in the next week or so. Since this is a service release (fixing bugs mainly) we are not going to keep it under development for long. The choice is yours. You can upgrade your system by pulling the 1.3.2 from the relevant branch or wait until it is released.

As for the roadmap, yes we need to make a better job in informing the community about where the project is heading. I will set something up within the next week (since I will have more time then) so that everyone knows where we are and where we are going.

The gist is as follows:

  • The bulk of our effort is concentrated on 2.0. We need to make it fully compatible and in sync (as far as features are concerned) with 1.x series
  • Depending on what bugs we (or you all) will find after 1.3.2 is released, we might have one or two more 1.3.x versions addressing those. New functionality will be kept back.
  • We don't have any views in creating a 1.4.x release but that might change depending on the 2.0 progress. If we manage to get everything ready for 2.0 we will release that. Otherwise we might see a 1.4 version out before 2.0 is released.
  • When we release 2.0, 1.x will still be around. We will continue fixing bugs in that release but we will not introduce any new functionality. I personally envision 1.x releases to be around for 6 months or even a year after 2.0 is out.
  • I will work on the 2.0 roadmap and set up a hangout to let everyone know (and make necessary announcements etc.).

I hope this helps.

Feedback is more than welcome!


Awesome thanks for the update



It really helpful if phalcon also release php version which is writen using php and not as php extension (not This way, we all have a choice wheather we want to use phalcon as compiled php extension or as php framework that can be installed on shared hosting. It also make phalcon easier to learn. And if we write some script using phalcon, we have no worries if our customer cannot install our script.


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@byteGator see:

I guess something you're asking could be possible, but not very desirable. I guess it would require to write the logic in twofold - C and PHP. Bothersome and a maintenance hell I guess. We're better off letting the core dev's working on the extension, version 2.0 and Zephir ;-) (Of course, peeps are free to create a PHP version of the extension? ;-))

Regarding hosting; I think 'shared hosting' will be something of the past in the near future? There are a lot of viable (and affordable?) PaaS solution where it's a snap to compile & install Phalcon on...


Yes i think you are right.

About hosting, I agree with you too... VPS now is very cheap. But there is still problem with phalcon installation for project like opensource which need to make everything as easy as possible.

Phalcon will always be a framework delivered as an extension on your web server. We have no intention on creating a PHP file based framework out of it.

The work that is needed to keep both codebases in sync is way too much and frankly - from personal experience - keeping two codebases in sync is a nightmare.

There are two github projects that I know of that are basically trying to do what you are asking

I don't want to discourage or disrespect anyone but these efforts are going to have a lot of problems keeping in sync with Phalcon. Right now, both projects are basically either guessing what is going on in each component or the contributors are reading the C code and translating it to PHP.

I would expect these efforts to become a lot easier when 2.0 is out, since Zephir's syntax is very close to PHP and the code will become very easy to read and implement in PHP.

Still the cost vs. benefit IMHO is not worth the effort. One can get a VPS with a few dollars a month and set their project up. Shared hosting is frankly not suited for developers and the prices of a VPS do match those of a shared host.

My 2 cents :)


Thanks @niden

At least, from their source I can learn how phalcon works.


@niden : your answer is now 24d old.... We've migrated to an "unreleased" 1.3.2 on our production, but since, some commits were made... and i haven't seen any roadmap.

Any update please ?

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@ogarbe - In the latest Phalcon Community Hangout @niden mentions it will be released towards the end of this month I believe..

@ogarbe Sorry about that but we are having some compilation issues with 1.3.2 with the windows build. There are a couple more that we need to add in there before we release it to the public.

1.3.2 is stable but we still have a couple of things to iron out before it is released as stable.


Hello team,

June is here already!

@niden 'claimed' towards the end of April, end of May we could expect 1.3.2

Could you please give as un update? And perhaps also on 2.0's progress etc? (Estimated release date perhaps?)

I am also a bit curious reagarding the (dev-)team composition. I figure it's a great loss Sjinks left the team back in March (hope all is well for him and his relatives), and to me it seems the team could do with another (permanent) skilled C developer? (I also wonder at times if @cphalcon can (still) cope with it all? :))

I do see a lot of contributions from @dreamsxin of course, and, mostly on the Zephir/2.0 side a lot from @ovr. (Is @ovr an official part of the team btw?)

Of course alot of other people are contribution, e.g. @mruz (looking at last month) which is great of course. And on the Zephir side I see some different people involvled.

So another of my questions is; what is the prognosis on fixing the outstanding 1.3 bugs? Some of them do seem to be a bit overdue / are long outstanding?

Perhaps the ballgame changes when 2.0 get's released. As presumably more people will be able to hop on the bandwagon, coding in Zephir. (But I do guess that some things, certain bugs that will arise perhaps, will go hand in hand with bugs in the Zephir language itself?)

AFAIC it's probably best to let 1.3 die ASAP when 2.0 is there?

But I do feel there are some bugs that need adressing, but perhaps those could then be fixed in 2.0 first (if they're even there in the 1st place.)

So no complaining, just curious about the current state of affairs (I'd love to hear some news!)

Thanks all involved with the project and contributing! It's a cool framework, and it would be awesome to see the various kinks get worked out, etc, making it a more and more robust, mature and reliable tool to work with!



Any updates on this one?

We are ready on this one. Master already has 1.3.2 and we have created the tag on the code.

We are working on the blog post today and updating the website with the new DLLs.


Thank you!

Wonderful !


Great! I hope that solves the problem I'm having with ERR_CONNECTION_RESET running Vokuro =)

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So 1.3.2 has been released, awesome! Some remarks though:

It does feel to me 1.3.2 has been more or less been literally dropped (on the community). The release blog was pretty brief, no extended notes.

What I am e.g. missing is something about the new Gettext Translate Adapter ( ) Since this was already in the Incubator for a while, and what has been implemented is in the core is quite different, I figure it would haven been nice some words could have been spent on that (for example).

So it more or less feels to me as a release with a bunch of bugfixes, some new features added, and to the community the message seems: you just figure out what to do with it. (With all due respect of course.)

I notice lately there's less communication from the team with the community?

I mean, I almost wrote a letter here above, but zip response.

That's ok, I know you guys have/are a small team, but a little somethin' / feedback still would've been great.

So I still wonder; what is the direction currently? What is planned for 1.3.3? Just fix bugs as they are coming along? (Like 1.3.2?) Or are there any goals/landmarks? When do you plan to release it? etc.

And what to think of this page: ?

Also the documentation is getting more and more outdated. New stuff isn't added to it (why not care for that?)

The docs are still at 1.3.0

So, speaking for my self; I would like to see perhaps some more project direction and clearer communication to/with the community?

(Of course I realize it's a hobby project, done in free time, etc.)


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Btw; regarding the release - shouldn't the 1.3.2 branch also be updated with a regenerated build folder?