session lose on bank redirect

hi . i have a website that users can buy stuff . for the payment users redirects to the bank site -> do the payment -> get back to the site .

lately after users get back to the , they lose theirs previous session and had to login again ! im guessing this related to google chrome cookie policy after version +84 .

I'm using phalcon 3.4 and the cookies dont have setOptions function to use the sameSite=None the set function don't get the sameSite option tho .

public function set($name, $value = null, $expire = 0, $path = '/', $secure = null, $domain = null, $httpOnly = null)

and sessions don't have a setting to use the PHPSESSID with the sameSite=None

what should i do ? thanks.

Update : My Current PHP Version : 7.2 , Apache 2.4