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Real World applications using Phalcon

Well, i'm really excited with Phalcon, for me, its the perfect balance between power, speed and low hardware usage. And, especially with the launch of 1.0 version, i'm starting to use this framework for my personal and comercial projects. But i don't see a lot of people creating things with it. I mean, we are a community with many enthusiasts, but i'm not seeing real projects being made with this excellent framework.

Why is that? Maybe the project still young, people are yet learning about it for then use Phalcon with no fear in their projects. Maybe because the main webhosts don't provide Phalcon as extension yet (yet!) and people became afraid that their clients will cackle about another way of solution for hosting. Or the sum of all the above. I really don't know exactly.

But i'm sure that this framework have a lot of potential and will grow big. And i'm already using it for my real projects.

I'm creating a SaaS for resellers and must say, work with phalcon is really good. I've faced some difficulties sometimes but its more related to my not-super-knowledge about Phalcon than with the framework itself.

Well, putting aside the whole speech, here goes my question for you folks:

Are you using Phalcon PHP for real world projects? There is anyone who is already running some application with Phalcon?

Please, don't be shy, we want to know what kind of quirks you've experienced, what was easy and what was not, etc.


I've just found that there is a section in Github's project called "Powered by Phalcon" where projects using the framework are being listed. Its a good point to start, but anyway, this thread should be a cool place to share experiences about developing with it.

Hey Claudio

Yes https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/wiki/Powered-by-Phalcon is where we list all the projects that we have been aware of that are using Phalcon and the respective owners have given us permission to list them.

I can also state that the Government of Guadalajara is using Phalcon within their Intranet for a in-house statistical application. Additionally a company that operates similarly to Google Adsense has been using Phalcon with Mongo.

Since we reached 1.0.0 we have received a number of emails with thank you and usages of the framework in real world applications (not just hobby/development sites)

Any other feedback from developers is more than welcome and feel free to share your experience with the framework here. We always welcome comments and if there is something that we do is good, let us know - if something is not, we will try to fix it :)


I think everybody who looks into Phalcon is exited about it. It's just great.

We are about to evaluate Frameworks for a commerical application and if the benchmarks would decide alone there would be no way arround Phalcon. We are aware of the young age the framework is in but with 1.0.0 stable we thought we give it a try - and it is amazing. I think Phalcon will make it and we will use it as the base for our next applications (that will be two by the end of the year).

But there are some small pitfalls I encoutered:

  1. The devtools are great but do not work properly in all features
  2. Some features described in the docs were not available
  3. Some features require some "workarrounds" (even if I totally understand why they are necessary, e.g. namespacing)

Although Point 1. and 2. have nothing to do with the quality of Phalcon itself they are problems because they do not reflect the stability Phalcon actually has. It might discourage or frustrate people who are willing to learn Phalcon. I'am willing to contribute here as soon as I can spare some time.

Some awesomeness I encoutered:

  1. Speed
  2. Flexibility
  3. (list the API here)

I'am convinced that Phalcon has a GREAT future!

I think that people get afraid to use Phalcon because its an C extension and, in theory, it could open some security issues on the machine hosting the framework. I really can't tell if it's true (sure possible) because i don't understand nothing about C, but i think the Phalcon team is doing their job at making it less exploitable.

I think that people get afraid to use Phalcon because its an C extension and, in theory, it could open some security issues on the machine hosting the framework.

Well... any extension could open security issues, but is there evidence security concerns have driven substantial #s away from Phalcon? The primary opposition to extension-based frameworks has been "I can't fix/work around bugs myself" but security per se has not been highlighted (AFAICS).

I suppose having an independent security audit would be useful (though has that ever been done for, say, php_imagick.dll)? Fact is, DLLs/SOs are exes. They have or will develop bugs at some point (though maybe not security-related). And there's also a level of popularity you need before you have enough white hats to beat out the black hats (although the latter prob'ly won't bother if no one's using the code). It's tough, since we are accustomed to major frameworks (JS, PHP) being implicitly sandboxed/blameless. But I think that's where the features, more even than speed, need to shine so much that we get a huge community and in turn more white hat scrutiny in addition to the core devs' diligence.

Disclaimer I am part of the Phalcon team so my views might be considered biased so I will try to be as objective as possible

A couple of points here.

The devtools are great but do not work properly in all features

Indeed. The devtools need more work. To make them up to par with the framwork we will need a) feeedback on what is missing and b) help from the community. The devtools are written in PHP so anyone with PHP knowledge can easily clone the project and add more stuff to it :)

I think the biggest hurdle here is knowing what is missing so that we can add it. Recently I pushed some changes based on feedback from a user so we all need to be a bit more "talkative" there so as to make the devtools better :)

  1. Some features described in the docs were not available Yes there is a misalignment with the present features and the described ones in the docs. @xboston who recently joined the Phalcon team has been working on the docs for quite a while, fixing typos and adding more functionality. I think we will need to develop a good portion of a release cycle to ensure that all the documents are up to date.

  2. Some features require some "workarrounds" (even if I totally understand why they are necessary, e.g. namespacing) Unfortunately it is what it is with the workarounds. In some cases we can alter the code to remove the workaround but in some cases we cannot without a major overhaul and potentially breaking backwards compatibility. I guess we can call these workarounds the unique identity of Phalcon :D After all every framework has its areas that workarounds that are needed so not much to say on that one.

Still, feedback is always welcome and if we can do something to remove a workaround we will.

I think that people get afraid to use Phalcon because its an C extension and, in theory, it could open some security issues on the machine hosting the framework. I really can't tell if it's true (sure possible) because i don't understand nothing about C, but i think the Phalcon team is doing their job at making it less exploitable.

Regarding this point I will agree with @switeman. Every piece of software that is written by humans is prone to have bugs. All we can do as developers is to try and make it as perfect as possible. We would definitely look into a thorough security audit to alleviate these concerns.

Concluding, I discovered Phalcon when it was at 0.4.0. I have been running websites (mostly hobby related ones) using Phalcon since 0.5.0 with no problems. The actual phalcon.io website as well as this forum are running on Phalcon. Thus far we didn't have a single incident or indication of security breaches.

/0.02 USD


I'd also like to add that the developers seem to be a nice bunch (unlike some other community I've dwelled in recently, not try to start anything here, just saying). This is something that is important to me. When I use a framework I have to like the people that created the framework because I'm using their ideas, their ideas are in my world and I merge their way to thinking with my way of thinking in a way.

About improvements, multi-module project skeleton creation seems to be missing. I have to use it more before I can say anything specific. All in due time :)

I just launched a wiki based on Phalcon, called Kolibri: https://www.kolibri.io – I made it because my search for a small wiki software which is built in PHP and uses Markdown as the default syntax ended in vain. I didn't want ugly and huge software like mediawiki. The sources will be available this week.

Happy to hear you like it :) I'll implement the 1.1 features once fortrabbit deploys the latest version of Phalcon on their instances.


We're migrating our frontend website using phalcon, we're a flash sale travel club

As this time only the login / subscribe page is released in production



There is not even a decent tutorial on creating a backend area. I am affraid that this forum has no admin area too. How can you than expect some real word application? I am shocked that there is no basic tutorial with proper admin area in mind. Everything what I have seen is some trivial single module websites. WHere "admin" area is represented by if else and acl. That's a serious joke. Please, think about that if you are a Phalcon developer paid by Carbon ads and other sponsors. Thank you in advance.


@Philipp Again, no proper admin area https://github.com/philippgerard/kolibri. Again, no multimodule app. IS THERE ANY PROPER HMVC MULTI MODULE APP? DID ANY PHALCON DEVELOPER HAVE CREATED ANY REAL MULTIMODULE APP WITH REAL, I REPEAT "REAL" ADMIN AREA??? I guess the answer is no. And I am sick of your multimodule examples on git , where your idea of multimodule app are two different controllers in the same folders. Have you seen the docs for multimodule apps? it sucks.


:D @bpmvrzsf I moved to AngularJS & Go. If you're looking for simplicity try Go. 5k concurrent? no problem. I read reports from people hitting 600k requests/second on i7. It's more low-level than php, similar to C. It is object oriented but not in the sense of php/java/c++. However not many modules exist so far. There's gorilla toolkit, revel, beego. I remember I raged a lot at php and its frameworks. Go is simple, less rage, in fact I don't think I raged once yet, only at AngularJS and its docs. You're here because of requests / second, right? If not Django has a great admin area, might be easier for you, just saying.


@dalu I hate JavaScript. It's the worst language ever created.

@bpmvrzsf and what is the best for you?

So why you don't work for eg Lapis framework for LUA? Phalcon is not CMS it is framework, and it is for people which can handle everything myself, it is not yii. I see that you expect that phalcon will be yii on steroids. For now there are no really good framework-cms for phalcon.

So please stop blame phalcon for it, read readme about phalcon and dont rage every thread on this forum, because you dont like it :(


@doit76 State it on the frontpage that " it is for people which can handle everything myself". Or it's not so sexy then?


I don't blame phalcon, I blame people behind this framework who are incompetent in showing what is this framework capable of. Btw. I have never seen a real forum without an admin section. This is the first time I see something like that.

Hey, can you go to another discussion ? What's the use of this troll here ?

"give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" Working with phalcon you can learn how to code, join phalcon community you can submit request for modification, extension framework, or if you want you are able to submit your modification to include in phalcon (in C) or in Zephir language for 2.0 release. Everybody on this forum are developers which use phalcon because it is powerful framework, lots of them migrate from Symphony, Laravel, Zend or Yii because of speed, clear etc. Everybody of us create admin on own way and nobody interest is to give comercial product people because they blame framework. Phalcon team prepared some bootstraps for all kind of applications and some applications which you can extend, modify or if you want submit your modification by github. They main target is to push framework forward not to response on asking "why this icon in admin panel not showing up?" Buy yourself twitterbootstrap admin panel and use it to create backend application, and don't blame people behind of this framework because you didn't find what you want here.

Peopel behind Phalcon works everyday to push forward this framework. Look at theirs profiles on github https://github.com/phalcon?tab=activity https://github.com/sjinks?tab=activity and look at yours https://github.com/bpmvrzsf?tab=activity

Do you see difference? So stop blame everything here.

@bpmvrzf If you don't like Phalcon, don't use it. Simple.

This forum was created by contributions from the community. It is open sourced and you are more than welcome to clone it, change it the way you feel it works best and submit a pull request.

The developers and contributors for this project and all open source repositories under Phalcon are volunteers and they offer their own time to make the framework as well as any other project that Phalcon has better. You have no right to demand anything especially when you have not contributed anything yourself.

So in short, if you don't like what we have here, either be part of the solution and issue pull requests with changes and enhancements, or don't use the framework and be on your way.


@doit76 Stop attacking me like some Al-Phalcon jihadist, because your beloved Al-Phalcon framework lacks basic documentation. I have mentioned that I don't want any twitter bootstrap panels, but a normal HMVC modules/bundles type of app with admin routing included. It has nothing to do with twitter bootrap. I would be asheamed to offer a forum like Phosphorum without a proper admin section. Think about that my little Al-Phalcon jihadist friend.

Don't feed the troll.


That's not HMVC. This is HMVC: https://quizld.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/HMVC-Example1.png

Btw. the docs with the two controllers in your link are pathetic.It's like showing me a fishbone and telling me that it's a fish.

And how to set up views, models, config, routes for a specific HMVC module? I see no info on that. Could you provide a link?

How to implement admin integration like this? https://philsturgeon.co.uk/blog/2009/07/Create-an-Admin-panel-with-CodeIgniter

You can call me a troll, I don't care. I tried to ask many times on this forum, but without any real information, like a link or piece of code. Think about that and about how the docs , tutorials and other information on Phalcon are "easy" to find.

@bpmvrzsf write the damn thing yourself and come back to the forum if you have any questions that can't be answered by searching the docs/the web. Fun fact, you can also write code instead if ctrl + v #amazeBalls

Multimodule basically gives you two bootsrap files, one for each app. You configure the folders for views, controllers, models in each bootstrap file. That's it, you have now done what the docs say you can do an have built a multi module app, with an admin and a frontend


txtMultimodule basically gives you two bootsrap files, one for each app.

@Webdesign29 Than it's not what I am looking for because I will have many modules and not only two. E.g. posts, pages, reviews, slider, footer etc. I need HMVC approach. Do you know what HMVC mean? Please, be honest and tell me if you have ever done something using HMVC approach or just regular MVC apps?

This is a must and Phalcon lacks in that area. The views, integration, calling modules from other module etc. is probably possible, but how, that's a big ____. I hope you know what I mean. This framework is still in it's beta phase, not ready to go out. I am leaving. I will try to check your project in one year. Today it's one beta-project phase hocus-pocus, that needs too many things to improve.


See you next year ;-)


I'm currently building an application for the company I'm working in. Luckily I have the final saying on the specs of the server, so I opted to use phalconphp with mongodb, especially that we will have 100,000 of recoards and we need to scale up easily.


Hi guys, just passing by.. Im planning on picking which php framework im going to use. and Im eyeing on this framework and since it's been a year. anybody figured out what @bpmvrzsf is talking about?

edited Jul '15

Regardless your framework make sure your application logic is framework agnostic by following SOLID principle. It will easier for you to move you application between framework.

@bpmvrzsf also regardless of your framework you can design you software by yourself! Even with microframework you can create your own HMVC or whatever its name

not really...Usage of a framework is not linked to pattern or idea. It's linked with need. If you don't think a framework feed your need, don't use it. If it feeds but lacks some parts, make it evolves. With Zephir now it's quite easy.

Hi guys, just passing by.. Im planning on picking which php framework im going to use. and Im eyeing on this framework and since it's been a year. anybody figured out what @bpmvrzsf is talking about?