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PHP ignores exension - CentOS 6.4 - suPHP / CGI/FastCGI - Directadmin (Own VPS)

Hey there,

For some reason my php installation ignores the Phalcon extension. I've checked the extensions dir and it is available there. You can find my php.ini file at http://okhelpme.com/info.php all seems to be okay, but it never loads the extension, not even an error.

I've put extension=phalcon.so at the end of the php.ini file located at /usr/local/etc/php5/cgi/php.ini but even when I make typo's in there it doesn't present me any errors.

The documentation states that I should put it also at /etc/php.d or /etc/php, but those directories don't exist at my installation.

Help is much appreciated!


You did restart your web server, right? ;-)


maybe have a look at this post