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[INCOMING] Phalcon Event in Europe

Howdy phalcon users !

Our community is growing fast, and some of us are really involved with Phalcon.

We have considered the idea of doing an event in Europe in 2014 (original idea from @vanseverk ). It would be the perfect time to introduce Phalcon 2 and Zephir. What do you think?

We would really love that you take part of this event. If you have ideas or want to participate helping to make this event an amazing experience, please join us! Please, feel free to propose a talk or propose yourself as speaker.

This will be also an opportunity to meet up with other members of the community, share experiences, make some networking, etc.

This idea comes from a small part of the community and we would love to know if you (phalcon users) like the idea.

Kindly answer the following survey to give us your opinion on what you think about it: https://goo.gl/rJdWqP (please be fair when you answer it). Also, feel free to share the survey with other phalcon users !

We are also looking for sponsors who want to help us make this event a reality.

Please contact the team at [email protected] or post a response in this thread if you have comments or just want to participate.



Sounds good to me! will answer right now.

Cool, I really want to join, but Europe is too far for me... I live in Taiwan.... Hope someday it will take place in Taiwan

Good luck

cool, i would join from germany

Our team here would like to offer our support, I can check with the CEO if we are interested in sponsoring the event as well.

what a good news! cheers!!!

Steve nice to hear it ! Dont hesitate to contact [email protected] !


Any news about the outcomes of survey?

Hi @Maciej An account of the survey will be done, we are still waiting a bit for more people to fill it.

Right now I can say you that people have given more votes for Berlin.


Thanks @SneakyBobito for update.

For me it's great news since Berlin is only 5hrs away :)


From Irelnad or Poland or wherever i am at the time, I'm in

What about Istanbul ? It connects Europe and Asia .

Actually Falcons awesomeness has already crossed european borders. I'm using ZF2 for current projects. But my next project will be Falcon all the way. Great work guys. I think I'm in love.

Greetz from Holland, Daan Biesterbos


Hey Phalconphp lovers! Hello from Russia! This event is absolutely great idea! It would be great to see this event taking place at Berlin or Amsterdam.

PS: I'm sorry, but how much people already voted for this event?

I'm a bit late to this discussion, hadn't noticed it before. Anyway, I'm the managing editor for PHP at Sitepoint now, so I'm pretty sure I could fish out some kind of sponsorship deal if this happened.


Hey, for me Berlin would be fine or even better munich! Anyhow, i follow you ;o)

Hi and from Bulgaria :) Great idea! Phalcon framework is an absolute beauty and a game changer in PHP community. The best project.


Hi, i am french student of a new school in France called '42', the founder is Xavier Niel, ceo of Telecom Company (you may search more information about this man and his actions), the building can welcome some conference from any project. There already has been conferences like hackatown, Scala Summit and etc ... Why don't you ask them to do it over there ? It's just a suggestion :)

Hi @Zevran thanks for your suggestion, but we are probably going to exclude Paris from the final location. Keep looking for the event and thanks for your involvement !

Great idea! For me, Berlin works the best, but I'm not really objective (I do live&work in Berlin :P)


When is event in Los Angeles, CA USA? I still would love to go to the EU event but am not certain I can make it.

I was on a Laravel Event in Amsterdam last year. It was held on a location called bimhuis (https://bimhuis.com/home) It is a 10 min. walk from the central station and easy to reach by car, tram or train. In my opinion, this could be a great location for a Phalcon Event.

Are there plans for 2014? I'm from germany and I'm very interested in :)


Barcelona, Phalcon talks, then some Tequila and Mojitos ? :)


Romania, and i'm interested. I must say phalcon is really nice i didn't even install it so far (planning to do it today) and i'm impressed with what it can do.

What is impressive is not what it does. It is how it does it :p


well yes! you are right

edited Mar '14

Hi, i had idea to make Phalcon Event at Octoberfest in Munich?
BeerCamp ;) https://www.muenchen.de/int/en/events/oktoberfest.html
Lots of attractions, but Hotels will be more expensive than usual.
But any place we choose we must be sure that we will arrive there enough

Haha good idea ! But i will go at Oktoberfest for drinking beers :)


I'd love it!! Would definately join if it's not too far away (I love in Scandinavia).


any news on the event?


Its great idea. Let me know when and where event is planned.

@sp3c1 afaik there is no news right now excepted that there was a lot of chances that it goes to Berlin.

Phalcon team is focused on zephir and phalcon 2, then there is no date right now

I hope so next event in east asia. :)


Any news on this?

Last year we had an event in Amsterdam, I'm not aware of further plan to have future meetup