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How to get full url?

I have this url:


I want to get this url precisely from the controller, but cant find a function for it



In the controller you just call following



$this->request->getHTTPReferer() This can not be relied upon as it requires the user's browser to send this info, which they may have disabled. If you want to find out which page a user was previously on more reliably, you could use cookies, sessions, flash sessions etc. but don't rely on $this->request->getHTTPReferer() containing any value.


actually I need the ACTUAL url right now, not the one where the user came from

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I see. Try using router like this $this->router->getRewriteUri()

Of course you could always use plain php to get complete url with query - something like 'http://' . $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] forum has screwed up the code, but you get the idea :)