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Future of the Phalcon Devtools


We decided to rewrite the Phalcon Devtools and release a next major version.

But first we need your opinion:

  • How do you view the future of Phalcon Devtools?
  • What is poorly made?
  • What is missing?
  • Any examples of successful solutions for other platforms/systems/frameworks.

We appreciate your opinion.

We want to make the Phalcon Devtools a better.




Good news, First I want Phalcon Devtools have Export/Import a MySQL Database via Dump File, clean cache such as via Phalcon tool

I alsothe Phalcon tool have some features like tool https://github.com/drush-ops/drush



I'm starting with Phalcon I have four months practicing with them, ami I wish it had the option to choose the database, since I am programmer oracle and mine are the major processes. At the time of generating many commands do not work with Oracle but with MYSQL example by FindFirst and FindFirst and done everything. Also part of the display shown SCHEMA what I define as DATABASE ment and not SCHEMA. And I would love to be included LOGIN and done, only assigned to fields with session variables and stuff. maybe if we had defined as templates and forms of information, prices, contacts, invoices, something to see how it works completely well the truth I want many things but I love this framework and with what might would be nice

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I think will be great to add way to customize files generated by devtools. For example: add custom temaplate for generated model what allowed:

  • change base class
  • change privat/public for property
  • some change in setter or getter method

and some like this

Add way to add app skeletons

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Updating database schema directly from models(using annotoations and maybe extend them or functions).

Example from symfony 2 and doctrine : when you write php app/console doctrine:schema:update it updates database schema from your models.



  • Better handle of mysql data type for migrations
  • Better code for the creation of CRUDS


  • Multi module application support would be nice
  • Database seeding would be an amazing addition
  • Database structure management via annotations could be good, however I personally prefer the file method, defining the structure as maybe YAML.

take a look on development tools for yii2 called gii. I would love our dev tools, especially webtools to work like those

Also maybe think about some plugin for PHPStorm ? Like some code completition for di and services, or model columns when find/find first etc ?

@Jurigag we have autocomplete for di and services https://vimeo.com/43455647

But indeed a phpstorm plugin could help improving autocomplete in some areas.

Yea i know, but i meant the services which we will add to di, and when we use get method from di then we have some kind of list with all services in di(phalcon and ours). I know we have autocomplete for di, but only in the controller in $this, then we can access some built-in services. But we dont have autocomplete directly in di get method. And i would really loved it cuz im writeing many times $this->di->get and getting some services.

Devtools (and Webtools too) should be implemented as a built-in components of the Phalcon as a framework.

  • Better, more flexible migrations - support for multiple DBs & multiple config files
  • DB seeding
  • Enhanced phpstorm integration - as it is most popular IDE
  • Multi module support

Phalcon already have multi module support. Maybe you mean multiple application support or something like that ?

@sergeyklay I'd love to see a simplified alternative for DB migrations that provides a CREATE statement for the first migration and empty up() and down() methods for subsequent migrations where the developer can just add the necessary SQL to modify the DB.

Rough example here: https://github.com/rootworkit/phalcon-devtools/blob/custom/README.md#added-features

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Hello everyone. There is a GitHub issue. Please use it to add comments and discuss future of the Phalcon Devtools.