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Welcome to Phosphorum 2

Phosphorum was introduced a year ago, a forum created in Phalcon. Its initial intention was use it as an example of what the framework was capable of. However, our community has grown and the number of forum users is quite high. Today we're releasing a new version who adress the suggestions and needs of the community.

Features implemented:

  • Use Markdown in posts and comments
  • Vote positively and negatively posts and comments
  • You can accept a reply as 'correct answer'
  • See what changes have been made on a post or comment
  • Editor with basic Markdown support
  • Implemented a system of Karma/Reputation
  • Some users are now moderators
  • Elimination of posts
  • Users are now able to insert images and links
  • Added bounties for long-lived unanswered questions and recent questions

How karma/reputation works?

Karma or reputation is a scoring system that rewards users for their contributions, collaboration and participation in the forum. The forum awards points for almost any activity undertaken. Karma enable the community to collectively identify the best (and worst) contributions. See more

What is my Karma/Reputation?

Each user has a number that represents his reputation. Since this karma system is new, an estimated calculation was made for users already registered on the forum based on their posts and replies. See your karma

Feedback system

Posts and comments can be voted up or down. Voting enable the community to collectively identify the best (and worst) contributions. However, votes aren't unlimited. Every time you win 50 points of karma the forum assing you a vote. You can only vote once every post or comment. You can spend your votes by voting positively or negatively posts and comments in the forum. See more

Moderation System

Moderators have special authority, they are community facilitators, they can edit or delete your posts or comments. In order to maintain our community status quo, moderators reserve the right to remove any content and any user account for any reason at any time. Most of the time, moderation will be limited to correcting small details in posts or comments, improve grammar, fix occasional details in the code, fix links, etc. See more


We have adopted the format used in Github to create posts and comments. Using this format you can add images, tables, links, code, etc. See more

Reply via E-mail [update]

Now you can answer posts and comments by replying their e-mail notifications. We're going to test this functionality all this week let us know if you have trouble.

We hope you enjoy all these new features. If you want to implement new features or improve something, remember that the forum source code is published on Github.


Nice work. For a second there, though, I thought it was built with Phalcon 2, hence Phosphorum 2 :) You think the forum could get sortable columns and a "last reply" column? That'd be very useful in keeping up with the content.

edited Mar '14

Preview mode was very helpful, especially when writing some php code. The most important thing is to enable resizable for textarea. If someone writes more than 4 lines it become very hard task.

UPDATE: I found that you are now using codeMirror. Pity that they don't support resize :(

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Good job. Thank you. I agree with Thomasz regarding preview mode.

Great job! :)

@Tomasz I edited one post and it automatically resized while I was typing. (using Chrome). However when one types a reply as I do now It doesnt.

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Just noticed the new forums researching a deployment issue. Awesome job guys! Loving the markdown experience. But a few things I noticed....

  • When writing a entry, the whole window resizes. Basically, there is no word wrap within this div. But as pointed out by @Nikolaos, when you edit a comment/post, word-wrap works fine. So it's possibly a simple class name missing or some CSS vudo missing.
  • When clicking the help menu above the editor, it opens in the same window. Once returning, your comments are gone. Maybe set the help menu to open in a new window.
  • Also, a preview feature for comments/post would be great.
  • One more thing I just noticed. When rendering "inline-links", if you do not place a title attribute with the url, it renders a rouge ">" after the link. Not sure why on that one.

Not meaning to sound too neady. Just some wishes. Hands down an improvement over the previous version. Cannot wait to take a look at the repo.


Good job!!!, and many thanks for everything you do.


Hi, I've just noticed that after replying to someone else question, I'm able to accept my own answer ... This seems not to be the required workflow.

Sweet! I see the preview feature was implemented! Do you guys have a room of trolls hiding underground somewhere? I mean, really!? You guys are working extra hard on so many things. Kudos and a round of drinks to you all!

Just noticed though that when replying to a email notification, it does not show up in the forums. That would be great if it did. Not a killer thing that should be implemented today or anything. But something to keep on the back burnner. Great work guys. Everything is much appreciated.

@niden Now it works every time. I just needed to open Developer Tools in Chrome and use "Empty Cache and Hard Reset".

Like @unisys12 mentions, even Preview is working now. Awesome work guys. You not only do great work but also do it super fast.


I need "Email notification" and I think many people also need to keep track many topics, thanks Phalcon, love all

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thank Tomasz Ślązok, I see.

p/s: "accept a reply as 'correct answer" just show with my answer, not with others, so I can not check it, it's a bug or I miss something?

Great work thanks!

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Now you can reply posts from your e-mail!

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Nice Work! This looks awesome!

Also nice to see mr @Swader Bruno here from SitePoint :)

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Update: Reply to e-mail notifications is now supported by Phosphorum. Enjoy!

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No way! If this works... you guys really do have trolls working underground.

I'm not getting email notifications for threads I already posted in. But my configuration is set correctly. I'm getting the emails only sometimes but can't see any logic when and when not. Has someone else a similar/same problem?


Gregor, it seems the messages sent by the forum are being rejected by your mail server:

Reporting-MTA: dsn; a8-79.smtp-out.amazonses.com

Final-Recipient: rfc822; [email protected]
Action: failed
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550 MFE: Message detected as spam
Status: 5.3.0

I'm not getting email notifications for threads I already posted in. But my configuration is set correctly. I'm getting the emails only sometimes but can't see any logic when and when not. Has someone else a similar/same problem?

@Phalcon thanks will check my settings and contact my host provider :)

Seems like it's going to be the replacement of PHPBB in less we could expect hahaha.

Hope so though.

Fatal error: Call to a member function increaseKarma() on a non-object in /usr/share/nginx/html/app/controllers/DiscussionsController.php on line 503


Great job, new forum was definitely needed for a while!


FYI, there's a bug that slows typing down to a crawl. I think that has to do with syntax highlighting/formatting.

edited Mar '14

Thank you so much, I just discovered Phalcon yesterday when I stumbled upon an article comparing frameworks in terms of performance... I decided to use it for my next project, (which I was planning to build using Symfony2)... But, as the project is very big, and symfony is using tons of config and routing files... I didn't make it, because I think symfony2 uses too many folders in an excessive way. Plus the fact that the framework itself needs a significant space, without mentioning the performance compared to phalcon of course.

I think there's a big need in Phalcon tutorials, books and resources on the web... I looked for tutorials, books and I didn't find anything other than the Docs. (and 1 book entitled : "Getting Started with Phalcon". So, I'm just reading the documentation.

Thanks again, I wish the best to Phalcon community, maybe we'll see it become number 1 in the near future.

The new forum is great!

Today I had a strange behaviour. After I commented a post, my gravatar was set back to default and also the reputation didn't update. So I downloaded Phosphorum to my localhost and had a look at the code, but without any success. My question, is it just me or did somebody else recognised this behaviour? (should I open an issue on github?)



The gravatar is generated using the e-mail you have registered on Github, if you have more than one e-mail registered there, Phosphorum will use the primary e-mail.

edited Mar '14

@Phalcon, gravatar works as it should. But after I added a comment, then refresh the page, my gravatar changed back to his default as it was set automatically from Phosphorum 2. Also the Timezone settings (sorry but I don't know how to explain it better. If it happens again, I'll post some screenshots).

Update: Still the same issue.

Good job. Amazing people who work around new Phalcon 2.0 Forum ^_^

I've noticed I cannot reply to any posts. I can leave additional comments, but the reply button has not effect. Any thoughts?

It sounded fantastic for me. Well done!


Wow!! this is great!!!

Gread job! Thank you.

Very good!!

edited Jun '14

Yes, it's pretty cool. Some feedback:

  • The button icons don't work for me - I see squares with the hex code (FF / Win7);
  • At times, when writing a msg, my CPU goes bonkers, and stuff rapidly start to work/react slower and slower. I have to refresh the page then. (But most likely it will occur again after a little time.);
  • It would be great if some HTML can be allowed (just as is possible @ Github). <ins>, <del> and <br> are / can be, for example, very handy;
  • Spell-checking doesn't work. But I guess that has to do with the fact you're not using an actual textarea for the edit box.

(All my experiences are based on the same browser / OS. My FF is shitloaded with extensions though, so that might be a factor in regard to the CPU issue I experience at times.)

Thanks & cheers!


That's what i call PHP Framework

you are the Best !

i will put my skills to develope it more


what time can i use 2.0 to be production??


Hi, if there is a facebook-like notification. the forum is the best ever :-)