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What hosting to choose for phalcon?

Hi guys,

I have two shared hostings Arvixe and Hostgator i have asked them if they can install phalcon extension for me but they said they cant. They were saying get dedicated server or VPN which i cant afford at the moment. so please can anybody tell me a shared hosting that is supporting phalcon that would be great otherwise i have to go with codeignator.


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<del>Shared hosting == no go.</del>

<ins>I don't know of any shared hosting providers that have Phalcon installed myself, but they seem to exist ;-)</ins>

Have you considered any of the following options: https://phalcon.io/en/hosting ?


In Poland I know 2 or 3 webhosting providers (also shared hosting) which support phalcon :)

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@czepol I didn't know those existed, but that's cool! (Thanks for the heads-up!) B)

Yeah, I using one of them for a time. Now I use for development VPS with ubuntu server from OVH with 1 core and 1GB RAM (cost about $3 per month).

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That doesn't sound like a bad deal at all, are you satisfied with them / the service?

Hard to say because I'm using this VPS about 1 month. For now i'm satisfied.


thanx for replying guys @Marcin Szepczyński can you name the hosting guys here.

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Polish hosting providers:

I can provide unsupported free hosting for you if you want. Depends on your requirements though.

Also, please let me know how much space you think you need and how many visitors you expect, if you require a database etc.

Phalcon version is 1.3.x (always the latest version).


Hi @stephen,

Hosting space we are looking around in the start is around 500mb i guess will increase more over time.


Well that is acceptable, if you grow > 1 gig or something we might need to consider a small fee. But up to 1 gig i can offer you for free.


HI stephen, that sound brilliant please can you let me know what your hosting website. Regards

On Tue, Jun 3, 2014 at 4:12 PM, Stephen Hoogendijk < [email protected]> wrote:

Hey Saqygee,

I will your website on my server (tca0.nl). I do not own a hosting company, my server is hosted at Leaseweb.com.

Should you have any problems i can always help you. I can provide stfp/ssh access.

Also, mysql or mongo is not a problem. Memcached is running, just let me know if you need an instance.

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Shared hosting is defenitely a no-go.

I was using AWS EC2 for my test projects with Phalcon. But since it became pretty expensive even with only me accessing it (yeah, ~ $14 a month for just one people accessing it is fucking ridiculous) I've switched to DigitalOcean.

DO admin panel is much more simpler (this can be a feature or a handicap depending on what you prefer), all instances (even the poorest) use SSD, and the price is pretty fair. Its just a shame that they didn't implemented a datacenter in south america yet.

So, for now, I totally recomend DO. Don't know its performance on big projects with big traffic thought.

if you want to deploy phalcon apps in shared hosting, i want to suggest you a cheap and realible shared hosting for phalcon framework https://helloworldhost.com/ start from $1.5/month