Installation without the extension?

People say all good? I've been seeing on the Phalcon and pleased me, but I create only small projects and shared servers, and to be able to install the extension on the server Phalcon is very problematic.

There is no way to install this extension? Even if the performance is not the same, in my case no problem.

Thank you.


The core feature of Phalcon is speed by using it as a Php extension. So no Php implementation will be released. See also this, this and that topic.

Ask your host if they want to enable it. (small change though) Or find a shared hosting provider which provides Phalcon. Last option is to get a cheap VPS and install Phalcon.

If you can't spend under $5 a month for a VPS you'll need to find a other framework.


Unfortuantly, currently phalcon dont provide a PHP implementaion. I hope to see a PHP implementation in future.