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Stackoverflow Open Source Advertising

The 2nd season of SO's 2014 community ads are about to begin and would be awesome if we got a Phalcon ad this time.

If the responsable for the Phalcon logo is insterested in doing the ad art, please let me know, otherwise I plan to make it myself. Meanwhile I ask the community: which sayings you believe the ad should contain to attract more users/contributors for the project?


Well i think that words like super fast php framework, the best php framework that doesn't have repetitive code. easy to learn by example. etc.


"Phalcon: The Build-Your-Own-MVC Framework"

"Phalcon PHP Framework: Do what you're already doing but do it [adjective: better, faster, etc]"

"The worlds Blankiest Blank"


I associate flying with speed so, Fly with Phalcon fit well imho.



Fasten your seatbelts


Or something that emphasizes the 1 module nature: Full featured framework in a single module


How do you like to have your framework served? (multitude of PHP files vs 1 single C module)


Why take the bus if you can fly with Phalcon (today)? (perhaps accompanied by a cool infographic)

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Or something that emphasizes the 1 module nature: Full featured framework in a single module

@renskii that might confuse people because Phalcon can have many application module. Referencing the C module might be better accomplished with 'one php extension built etirely from C'.

@waaghals 'Fly with Phalcon' is really catchy.

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If I had to vote I would go with Fly with Phalcon or Phly with Phalcon :)

I love the Fasten your seatbelts also.

@cvs Let me know if you need the image we use and I can mail it to you.

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@niden Yes, a high res image of the logo should be enough, but the vectors are welcome too. The avatar from Phalcon's github profile is very good looking too, but it can be considered something official for Phalcon's identity?

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Here's the first version.

Come fly with Phalcon

The text in the middle is just an placeholder, but this version contains all requirements for the ad:

  • Should make clear what the project is about (A PHP framework)
  • Should be kind of a "call to arms" for project contributions
  • Bonus if it has something that arouse curiosity, making the SO user to click in the ad for more info (IMO, the C-extension thing)

Also, here's the PSD file if someone want to propose any change.

One last thing to decide is the URL that the ad will lead the user. One obvious choice is the main site home page, but I've seen some ads downvoted because they lead to a page that has no mention about "help needed". IMO the About page is perfect for this purpose except for two things:

  • Haven't a briefing about the project (like the one in the docs home page)
  • Don't mention Github's issues list

Please share your thoughts, I'm planning in publish the ad this monday.



I think the words like help us maintain must be replaced it sounds like a desperate message.

@cvs hold on on publishing it. I am making some changes to the about page.

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Eh.. didn't Yaf (https://yafdev.com/ ) exist before Phalcon? (So it can't be 'very first'... ;-))

(ps lol; Yaf also states The fastest PHP framework .. ;-)) (So who's the fastest eh? ;-))


I think statements like 'fast growing' and 'increasingly popular' might also have some attraction value?

@niden gotcha

@renski Cool, didn't know about that... Thanks! The main text was just a draft anyway (still needing some help with that :)

Some ideas:

  • "join our fast growing community"
  • "and meet the next generation of PHP frameworks delivered as a C-extension"
  • "and meet a new concept of PHP frameworks with C based implementations"

Fly(flies), begs jokes.May be play with word "jet" in title. Then body: "Come and maintain with us the very fast php framework delivered as c extension"

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Ok, nice, first time I became victim of losing my post by inactivity timeout... :P (which is a bit annoyingly on the short side..?)

@csv no problem :) I read about the placeholder thing, but credit where credit is due of course.. ;-)

I'll see if I can come up with something. I do think the image is way too gray. By that I mean both the background, but also the image as a whole. The colours could be much more vibrant or vivid IMO. But I'm not a graphics designer however ;) (Who designed the Phalcon logo btw?)

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I could understand more about the meaning of this over here (I wasn't familiar with the concept): https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/260377/open-source-advertising-sidebar-2h-2014

So it's particulary about soliciting for participation.


A full-blown modern PHP framework

as a single C extension.


Awesome.. Right?

Be part of it! (and our continously growing community)


AFAIC (looking at the target audience) we could leave the whole fly thing out. (It's not really a 'commercial' ad that needs some 'friskiness' like that IMO.)


Or perhaps: Be part of it, and help create a difference!


So.. no glory?

Still waiting for @niden, it's not too late I guess.


@cvs I made the changes to the about page. Not much but I am pointing out more the collaboration issue.

We should have this updated today so youc an submit the logo/ad

Sorry that this has taken so long. Family and other stuff prevented me from devoting time to this.

@niden No problem, thank you!

I'll update the ad taking in cosideration all feedback so far, then create a new thread asking for support in this campaign.