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Community contributed Extensions/Plugins/Adapters/VM

Hey Community,

Please paste in this thread links to repositories with Extensions/Plugins/Adapters/VMs you want to share with the community,


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Thank you @Phalcon. I would like to share PhalconUserPlugin with all of you. It is an alpha release and there is still a lot work to do, but the basic functionality is working. Github: https://github.com/calinrada/PhalconUserPlugin

I had to built some oAuth with Phalcon. Then I share a simplified version of what i have done (i just put all the code in protected method of the controller, feel free to update the structure). You will have to modify a few things. Just look for "specific to your application" comments in the code. https://gist.github.com/SneakyBobito/6909234

It is based on PHPoAuthLib : https://github.com/Lusitanian/PHPoAuthLib then you have to add it to you autoloader Then you may add any service available in the lib (but i only tested with google and github). When you want to add a service : you have to generate an api key/secret key on the specific service and then put them into your config as with the examples of google and GitHub. Finaly add the action that has the same name of the oAuth service (github : GitHubAction google : GoogleAction)

All the examples of how to exploit the oAuth api are here : https://github.com/Lusitanian/PHPoAuthLib/tree/master/examples

Feel free to ask me if you have some problem.

Calin Rada,

I just noticed that your work is a bit in the same direction that my post. By the way if you want to do some oAuth, let me advice you to use a base oAuth class, it would make things more easy to extend !

https://github.com/andont/phalcon-win - Phalcon 1.2.4 windows dll for PHP 5.5.5 TS 32-bit.


This is phalcon unrelated, but i am sure that will help many of you. A documentation generator for API based php applications. All that i found on google are framework dependent solutions. Check out: https://github.com/calinrada/php-apidoc . Feel free to contribute by making PR's


https://github.com/nazwa/PhalconWincache - Wincache handler for phalcon. I've been using it for few weeks now and works like a charm. It's a direct port of the Redis implementation.

Hi Guys -

I got a working version of a REST API Boilerpate in Github: https://github.com/mikegioia/phalcon-boilerplate

It follows these design principals:

  • Dependencies are loaded via separate class for portability; Easy to override DI services
  • Business logic contained within "Action" classes and not in controllers
  • PHPUnit integration with shared/overloaded DI services; New DI container generated for each test.
  • Currently uses service location, but its very easy to use constructor service injection

I'm still in the process of writing out formal documentation explaining everything but feel free to check it out. I'd appreciate any feedback/pull requests and the like. Also let me know if you have any trouble getting it installed and running, there's a quickstart guide in the repo.

What I'd love for the Phalcon community to have is multiple examples of a solid application architecture for others to use as inspiration or a starting point in their app development. This is my attempt at one after about 2 months of working with Phalcon. It naturally applies some of my own design principals (like Actions classes for performing business logic, lightweight bootstrap files, service locator vs. constructor DI, etc) but I'm 100% open to suggestions.


List of repositories with Phalcon on Github - https://github.com/Riu/phalconization

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Mandrill Mail Adapter for PhalconPHP: https://bitbucket.org/tartan/phalconphp-mandrill

The base application in PhalconPHP https://github.com/mruz/base-app frontend/backend/cli module, HMVC, Volt, Auth, Debug, Email, I18n, Payment



Phalcon JQuery Datatables [v-1.10]

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Easy MVC Phalcon navigation

very easy configuration multi nodes including MVC including html view helper genaraor


Form Decorators


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Yet another Phalcon Module Skeleton https://github.com/ovr/phalcon-module-skeleton

Main goals:

  • Easy application bootstrapping
  • Console task support (provided by symfony/console)
  • Bootstrap theme
  • Full frontend developer stuck composer/npm/bower/gulp
  • Modules structure
  • Error handling (not found router, dispatcher exceptions)
  • Shared layouts
  • Preinstalled modules


P.S Admin module is written on coffee script with Backbone library

For current time It's alpha but I work on this :)

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Vegas CMF


lot of libraries including:

  • advanced routing
  • oAuth
  • annotations-based ACL
  • social plugin
  • new forms elements and validators


Slack messenging extension written in Zephir.

Can be found here linxlad/zephlack

P.S. Feel free to give me a star. Thanks :)

Phalcon Datatables.

Phalcon binding for DataTables jQuery plugin.

Can be found here https://github.com/m1ome/phalcon-datatables

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Do your social login include tested reference for social login on website

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[Jalali Datetime / Hijri shamsi / هجری شمسی] Calendar extension by zephir for Persian PHP developers specially for Phalcon community :)

تقویم هجری شمسی

$date = new \Tartan\DateTime(true, true, 'Asia/Tehran');
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Here is a repository to load ide stubs in your project though composer : https://github.com/gsouf/phalcon-stubs It's what i use to do when working with phalcon, you dont have to configure your ide to load some stubs. Stubs comes to you when you composer install ;)

Remember to put it in the require-dev section of composer to avoid to download it uselessly in prod.


I just managed to create an RPM package for Phalcon to be used in Amazon Linux. It's the first time I try to create a package but it seems it's working fine! If someone more experienced have suggestions for improvements, please share with use.

For those wanting to test it on AWS EC2 running Amazon Linux, please check the repository:


The only one so far is for a Elastic Beanstalk AMI running PHP5.5


Phalcon multi-module autorouting v 1.1 plugin https://github.com/softdream/Phalcon-autorouter

New features:

  • Auto parsing url from format /my-super-module/my-super-action/ to mySuperModule and mySuperAction
  • Phalcon 2.0 and lower supports
  • Just ONE route definition for full and bigest applications
  • Inteligent URL routing
  • Automatic 404 error detection
  • URL map object

And more. The plugin has been tested on 5 big projects, and it works fine.

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Non single-page Phalcon, AngularJS application boilerplate. Custom routing, login, roles, security, email, AJAX, all built-in.

Implementation here:

7/27/2016 - Updated to latest Angular, Bootstrap, and jQuery/UI - Also changed to controller/service architecture. More betterness!

Cachebackend adapter for session adapter. cache adapter and session adapter, so similar, it has to be able to reuse. https://github.com/iwai/phalcon-session-adapter-cachebackend

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Phalcon+, an extension developed with zephir-lang. The way We use PhalconPHP: https://github.com/bullsoft/phalconplus

For everybody developing in Windows: my Chocolatey package for Phalcon was just approved. You can find it at https://chocolatey.org/packages/phalcon/2.0.9, or just install it with the command choco install phalcon.

Alternative to dev tool, I'm working on the migration engine https://github.com/corentin-begne/phalconTool

Phalcon Breadcrumbs - A powerful and flexible component for building site breadcrumbs;

Decoding Netflow v5 packets with Phalcon and ReactPHP

Flow version support

version 5
Vendor cisco
Supported traffic types IPv4


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Vagrant box with phalcon 2.1 RC1 and php7, based on https://github.com/ovr/perfect-php-vagrant


Nginx 1.8.1



Phalcon 2.1 RC1


Percona Server 5.7

Redis 3








Available vhosts:






project.dev - points to /public

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Phalcon AutoRouting multimodule application v2 is here! https://github.com/softdream/Phalcon-autorouter

Hereby I would like to present new updated version of Phalcon AutoRouting with varios new features and libraries what improving functionality and working with phalcon. https://github.com/softdream/Phalcon-autorouter

What plugin/update exactly does ?

  • Simple and fast 3 step initialization of new module ( 1. copy 2. change namespaces 3. write few lines in config )
  • Automatic routing based on url in order /module/controller/action/
  • Automatic parsing url in pairs /1/2/ where 1 is name 2 is value
  • Allow to create map for URL using updated class of request and mapping class to define name of url part
  • No more than 1 route required and that route is not needed to be defined by you!
  • Custom option to define routes just simply disable autorouting or create routes
  • Usable classes in library described bellow
  • Simplest and prepared way to using access controll with db
  • Prepared full structure for starting new project with simple copy "installation"

Libraries included in default app

  • Plugin loader
  • Plugin installer
  • Example structure plugin with installing libraries and all neccessary configurations
  • Request improved request class
  • Request url map to define url maps for request
  • Image to work with image and support function get Image in templates
  • Directory to simple way working with directories
  • Phalcon missing libraries for session and memcache
  • Helpers for faster application start and massive flash message send
  • Default example of db models to use with this default app


  • Phalcon 1.3.0+
  • Phalcon 2.0+

Enjoy and I hope this will help you with working and in future working with phalcon.

To old structures, and old contributors please use branch v1 to access old version of PhalconAutorouting

Feedback component for managing error/success/other messages: https://quasipickle.github.io/feedback

install phalcon using Vagrant and ansible playbook


Phalcon OpenWeatherMap Library, Access current weather data for any location including over 200,000 cities


Vagrant configuration for PHP7.0 and Phalcon 3.x development on Ubuntu 16.04 with ability to use MySQL, PostgreSQL and/or MongoDB databases, Redis and/or Memcached caching services, Gearman and/or RabbitMQ jobs servers, Elasticsearch and/or Sphinxsearch search engines. Separate thread with a few screenshots is here.


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Laravel Inspired Devtools for Phalcon

Currently, I've got migrations, model factories and database seeding done. Here's a run down of each feature:


  • Migration files are in a single directory and are timestamped to keep them in order.
  • Just like the migrations in the official devtools, migrations use Phalcon's Database Abstraction Layer to interact with the database.
  • Migrations can be rolled back in steps.
  • Migrations can be used to reset and refresh the database.

Model Factories

  • Model factories allow you to create model instances and persist them on the fly. If you want three test users, simply do this:
    • factory(Users::class, 3)->create();
  • Factories make use of the Faker library to create sample test data.
  • You can create multiple factories for a single model and name them. This is very useful if you want to do something specific like create an admin user and then a guest user.
  • Default model factory logic can be overridden to create custom models that don't use Faker.
    • factory(Users::class)->create(["username" => "bobsmith"]);

Database Seeding

  • The database seeding component allows you to instantly create test data or even seed a production database.
  • Seeders can call other seeders so you can better organize seeding logic.
  • Integrated with the migration component to allow seemless database reset. Want to rollback everything and re-seed? No problem:
    • php yarak migrate --refresh --seed

I'd love to get some feedback on it. If there's something you think I can do better or if you have suggestions for new components, please create an issue in the repo.

EDIT: After creating this post, I realized that there is a Show to Community forum category. If you want to discuss this package, please go here: https://forum.phalcon.io/discussion/15815/laravel-inspired-devtools-migrations-model-factories-database-seeding

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Hey guys,

just wanted to share this awesome collection of libraries: https://thephpleague.com/

It's not mine, just used some of the libs in past.

Gonna give Monga a try soon, it's Simple and swift MongoDB abstraction by Bryan Crowe.


Boilerplate for Phalcon.Documentation in the repo.


Works with phalcon 3.x and at least what I've been testing with 4.0. Application base idea is to create everything as "modules". Good for larger projects.

For REST, you can just use composer require interna/rest and extend AbstractRESTController in controllers and you will get nice rest stuff. Full support for volt etc...

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Handy interface for Phalcon\Validation

controller request validation



Hi Guys, long time no contribution at all, so here I'm back and bringing up some fresh updates for phalcon:

  • Phalcon Config & Phalcon Dependency Builder This feature will help you to handle any configuration files, importing and building depdnecies, you can use just config reader, or reader and dependency builder checkout readme, included with libraries. Enjoy

  • Phalcon Autorouter Some of you might know the library already, as it was here since version 1.0, now this version supports 1.0 2.0 3.0 I hope this update will help you and those who used it also for newer version of phalcon.

That's all from me now, and hope soon I'll come with some nice skeleton CRM/CMS basic platform build under Phalcon and Docker



Cool stuff Kamil. Planning on supporting v4 also?

Cool stuff Kamil. Planning on supporting v4 also?

Sure, but v4, now to me looks not stable, so when it get's more stable I will provide update, also. Feel free to write any comment or raise issue on git hub I will fix it :)

manaphp: the brother of phalcon, manaphp[https://github.com/manaphp/manaphp] supports fpm and swoole coroutine.